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The Hot Wheels Porsche 959 is coming to RLC; Will the deco look as good as this vintage pair?

The big news of last week in the Red Line Club is that Hot Wheels will be introducing a new Porsche 959 into the ultra-premium lineup, the ’86 Porsche 959. And while this car is still in the development phase, its designer, Brendon Vetuskey, shared with RLC members […]

Orange Track Diecast

1993 Hot Wheels #203: JAGUAR XJ220

So how many of you out there collect Hot Wheels by the casting? When I first started collecting, I was a cardboard completest, buying anything and everything to complete the numbers on the blister cards — the more extreme version a cardboard collector. While that persisted for a couple decades, […]

Orange Track Diecast


Rediscovering your collection is key to your longevity in Hot Wheels collecting. I’ve said it time and time again. I have personally seen many collectors come and go, as to most of those collectors, its all about obtaining the latest releases that everyone craves — which will burn […]

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1994 Hot Wheels: DODGE VIPER RT/10

Red is the color of passion and it also demands attention. Often the color of extroverts, it is only fitting that sports cars typically wear red. The Hot Wheels Dodge Viper RT/10 was introduced in red in 1993 just like its 1:1 scale counterpart. As one of the most beautifully-styled […]