Hot Wheels iD / Factory Fresh: ’69 COPO CAMARO

Feast your eyes on this beauty! Fresh out of the case from wave 1 of the 2020 #Hot Wheels iD line, the brand-new #’69 COPO Camaro is something to behold. It’s one of only a handful of ’60s/’70s-era #Muscle Cars that have been done for the line thus far, but this spectraflame kelly green paint and redline #iD5 Wheels have me reminiscing about the Hot Wheels Classics (2005-2009) and even the redline-era.

Its classic: #Muscle Car meets #Spectraflame Paint.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’69 COPO Camaro from the 2020 Hot Wheels iD / Factory Fresh series (side view)

The silhouette of this casting is reminiscent of the Hot Wheels ’69 Camaro, while the name probably has you thinking of the Hot Wheels #’68 COPO Camaro — its neither. This is a brand-new casting by Hot Wheels Designer, Phil Riehlman, and the #’69 COPO Camaro makes its debut is right here.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’69 COPO Camaro from the 2020 Hot Wheels iD / Factory Fresh series (head-to-head with Cool Classics: ’68 COPO Camaro)

All look at the side-profiles of both the #’68 COPO Camaro and the ’69 Camaro clearly illustrate that the #’69 COPO Camaro is closer to the ’69 Camaro — that makes sense. I mean, after all, a ’69 is a ’69. The ’69s have the vents while the ’68 COPO has that mean side exhaust. Even the height of the seats is consistent from the ’69 Camaro to the COPO version.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’69 COPO Camaro from the 2020 Hot Wheels iD / Factory Fresh series (head-to-head with HW 50th Favorites: ’69 Camaro)

With the 3 castings together we can tell that Phil clearly used the ’69 Camaro as a start point for this new casting as the #’68 COPO Camaro and the #’69 COPO Camaro share no similarities when it comes to the front grille, taillights, and the hood. The main difference between the ’69 COPO and the ’69 Camaro is the headlights & grille.

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So there it stands in all its #Spectraflame glory: this new #’69 COPO Camaro. The kelly green is a terrific color for this car, and paired with the minimal white graphics, collectors will be seeking this one out — even the ones that aren’t collecting the #Hot Wheels iD line. Finding it is another story as it seems eBay is the only choice for now. Its been a while since Hot Wheels has done any #Hobby Dealer Exclusives, but this looks to be one.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’69 COPO Camaro from the 2020 Hot Wheels iD / Factory Fresh series

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  1. This casting should have been produced YEARS ago! This is one of the most iconic Camaros in existence so why it never gained any consideration is beyond me or anyone else.
    Yeah, the RS hidden headlight option was a pretty cool deal, but that big bug eyed appearance is so “1969”! Even now, i’ll never understand why this casting never came to fruition and if it did.. who shot it down?… they should have been fired then!!!

    • I wouldn’t go to that extreme. This Camaro was most likely never produced because they had the other castings already (as seen in the article above).

    • My buddy sent me a box and this came with it. I’m on the fence about camaros in general but I guess he knew!! In hand… oh man, it’s a beautiful thing!!

  2. Oh man I NEED two of these one to stay carded other to open. But I can’t go in stores cause of my very bad immune system 😫 MS.

  3. Chevrolet called that color Rally green. I’m with a lot of other people here, I’m not paying extra to get these from a special hobby dealer.

    • Sometimes Hobby Dealers have product cheaper than retail. I’d wait to see what their pricing looks like before you write them off. Sounds like some of the Hobby Dealers sounds be getting them in soon.

  4. i want this casting soooooooo bad. really hoping i can grab one at a reasonable (to me) price. that green is beautiful…and the decos…forget it.

    btw, Brad, thank you for explaining the whole market price thing in your reply to a comment in the 4/8 post about these new ID cars. makes sense and was something i never really considered before.

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