Collection Update

Collection Update: Catching up with the Hot Wheels ’66 CHEVY SUPER NOVA GASSER

The latest #’66 Chevy Super Nova arrived a few weeks ago. That, of course, feels like months though given the state of the world and how much things have changed. Upon arrival, I immediately freed the “Tootsie Roll’r” from its Tootsie Roll package and placed it among the other 6 releases of the casting that I already had.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’66 Chevy Super Nova Casting Collection (Family Photo, March 2020)

Since the casting debuted as a (HWC) exclusive, only an ultra-premium version of the casting existed for the first several years, hence why most of the releases are of that caliber. It’s funny to think that the original release in 2012 didn’t even sell out on HWC with a 4,000-piece run, but that was another time, and this was an entirely new casting. #Larry Wood Designed the #’66 Chevy Super Nova, and despite it looking fabulous in spectraflame smoke, collectors weren’t immediately drawn to this #Gasser, prompting it to be for sale in the HWC shop for years — yes, years!

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’66 Chevy Super Nova from the 2012 Series 11 / Real Riders series

Today, you’d be lucky to find one under $200 as the original #’66 Chevy Super Nova has skyrocketed in price with each passing release. That seems insane considering it could be had for $7.99 under HWC’s Deal of the Day at one point.

There is detail in every one of the #’66 Chevy Super Nova releases. After all, there are all of the premium variety. With that said, every time I break these out, my eyes are drawn to the “hand-painted” lettering on the 2017 sELECTIONs release and the “copperhead skin” on the roof of the 2018 Nationals Convention piece. When Hot Wheels Graphic Designer, Steve Vandervate designed both of these, he really went the extra 1/4 mile with these #Gassers.

On the sELECTIONs release, my favorite part of the whole “GASSA NOVA” paint scheme is the lettering that mimics the hand-painted style of graphics that was seen at the dragstrip in the ’70s. He included Larry Wood (as Owner) as he was the original designer of the car, as well as himself as the “Builder” as he designed the deco. Lastly, he listed designer Brendon Vetuskey as the “Driver” as Brendon drives all things HWC/RLC from a design perspective.


The snakeskin on the 2018 Nationals piece has to be one of the coolest Hot Wheels ideas, ever. This 3D technique was actually developed previously in accordance with the factory in Thailand for the MEA Dinner Exclusive, Volkswagen Drag Bus. While that one saw a Mardi Gras theme come alive, the snakeskin roof was a perfect complement to the “COPPERHEAD” namesake on the sides of this #Gasser.

Gassermania has consumed the money in collectors’ wallets for the last couple of years and a collection of the #’66 Chevy Super Nova will not come cheap. Fortunately, there are far less of the Super Nova than the #’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser so, if you are going to pick a #Gasser casting to splurge on, this one is within reason — especially if you’re a premium-only kind of collector.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’66 Chevy Super Nova Casting Collection (Family Photo, March 2020)

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  1. Man! What an awesome “family photo”! I too collect this premium casting and seeing them in that lightning is spectacular. I still haven’t come to terms with “freeing” mine so it’s sweet to admire them here. Thanks Brad! Stay well,.

  2. Great article & pictures BRAD. I like em all. But my favorite is the Purple one. Since the RLC members had a “ BIG “ say so.That one to me is B.A. Keep the great CS articles coming. It seems like Gassers will not be around awhile.

  3. Slip of words. Meant to say Gassers will be around for awhile. Proof read post and still missed it. Sorry.😐 😐 😐 😐

  4. Man.. I’d trade one of my GASSA NOVA models for one of the RLC Rewards version in Spectraflame Light Blue any day.. that color jumps right out & it has a period look to it!

  5. The very first one in the smoke color is the holy grail for me. I am a nova fanatic and wish I was part of rlc when that came out to be able to have it. No way am I gonna pay ebay prices for that piece right now. Maybe someday I will get lucky enough to own one. Would love to always see more nova gassers!!

  6. I managed to obtain smoke few days ago and now I own them all <3. Smoke Nova is the holy grail of gassers, its just perfect in any way.

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