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Walking-through my Hot Wheels PASS’N GASSER Casting Collection

Hot Wheels #Gassers are in. Collectors love them, and their often borderline risqué graphics. In this #OTD YouTube video, I personally walk you through my #Pass’n Gasser casting collection — a casting that was named after flatulence. The final name for the casting surprised its designer, Larry Wood, as he never assumed his working title would be approved by Mattel legal. 11 years after its initial release, the Pass’n Gasser is still being released, and I have every release of it to show you. Enjoy!

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  1. While I don’t collect this casting myself, I do enjoy seeing your collections of the less popular cars. Keep up with the collection vids!

  2. Great video, Brad. There’s some there that I’ve never seen before! I think my favourite is the all black Larry’s Garage one too!

  3. The Passin’ Gasser is based on a Drag Racing Gasser version 1937 Ford Coupe, which is why Larry Wood had the # 37 on the Sides. The engine is an injected engine, not a blown engine as stated and on the rear is a push bar, not a wheelie bar. A push bar was needed back in the day to get the vehicles moved back and forth to the pits while Drag Racing. To a Gasser person like me, these little things mean a lot, like skinny front tires versus fat tires and so on. Thanks for this video it is an awesome casting! You helped me with my collection!

      • 😎Video & Article BRAD as always. I waited to reply after I tried to get the Willy(WILLIE). My granddad called me Willy a few times back then !! Anyway I was able to get a Willy in 3 minutes. I am a happy camper. The Pass’n Gasser is a 😎 car. I have 1 or 2 of them put away with a few similar to it. Last year I was able to get a few Neet Streeters Reg Treasure hunts in a lot for a great price. Now you are making me want to look for all my cars that I put away similar to the P&G. I like following you. You always go back to the early 2000’s and those cars as really 😎. Keep the great articles coming.

      • I collect this Casting for two reasons, First it is a Gasser and second the 1937 Ford Coupe was my mom’s first car and she has some great stories about it, like sneaking her girlfriends into the drive-in movies and while on the way to the drive-in picked up a hitchhiking Navy Sailor, needless to say he had some strange looks on his face hearing girls giggling from the trunk. So when I look at my collection of Pass’n Gassers I have some very cool memories too! Great site Brad and thanks for letting me share!

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