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COMPLETE COLLECTION of the Hot Wheels Ferrari 599XX

The Hot Wheels #Ferrari 599XX is nothing new to Orange Track Diecast as I love showing what is easily my favorite Hot Wheels #Ferrari casting. Previously, I had done a Casting Profile on the Ferrari 599XX but that was before…BEFORE I finally completed the collection. You see, just last week I received the final installment, as I was able to score the very hard to find #OH5 Wheel variation of the 2012 All Stars release. Now, I can finally share the completed collection with you. Enjoy!

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  1. Nice! Nice! Nice!
    Picked up the red & yellow Speed Machines versions back in 2012 dirt cheap. Sold the yellow one in 2014 for like, $12-14 bucks.. that was back when they were affordable, plentiful and of course, right before the license was lost! DUH!
    I picked up the red & black $TH models last year loose. Unfortunately, jonathans.collectibles from Ebay sent me the black $uper in used condition and requested a refund & claimed it was out of package condition, but it was scuffed, blemished & with patchy paint marks.. I very much begged to differ. I know ‘ou-of-package’ condition & this wasn’t – beware!
    Though I was a nice guy (should have started ‘item not as described case’), I decided to ask for partial refund & keep it because a $uper is a $uper!
    I hope one day Mattel joins hands with Ferrari again because they’re a lot of people hurting out there who love HW’s Ferrari’s!

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