Hot Wheels Design Team giving Sneak Peeks of 2019 New Models

1/10/2019 — For anyone who thought Hot Wheels would lose any kind of momentum after the 50th Anniversary, the Hot Wheels Design Team is laughing at you. In just the mainline alone, three new castings have been sneaked recently courtesy of the team’s Instagram account, @hotwheelsdreamteam: ’64 Chevy Nova Gasser, ’18 Honda Civic Type-R and the ’91 Mazda MX-5 Miata. All three will surely be a hit with collectors as the Nova is… well, a #Gasser… and the Civic and Miata are nicely designed castings with great mainline detail.

All three were first sneaked at the Red Line Club party in Los Angeles during the convention last October, but in a raw, early stages form. The one I have been most excited for is the ’64 Chevy Nova Gasser. Via today’s post, the design team showed what the upcoming retail release will actually look like and I have to say, I love Hot Wheels Graphic Designer, Jerry Thienprasiddhi’s play on words!

In addition to the gasser, the ’18 Honda Civic Type-R was shown yesterday. Hot Wheels Designer, Ryu Asada nailed the design for this casting. Hats off to the graphics team as well for giving us the graphics detail we all crave. This red variant looks to be in addition to the white colorway we were shown in the sneaks presentation at the convention’s finale.

Lastly, the design team sneaked the ’91 Mazda MX-5 Miata last month. Its essentially the reboot of the former Miata casting which made its debut in 1991 before unofficially being retired in 2003. This new casting definitely captures the mini-racer mentality that a lot of current-era Miata owners have. It even has a roll bar! The blue paint is electric and those graphics are spot on. It even comes with a front California license plate!

So yeah, suffice to say that these three releases are going to have me spending a lot of time at retail chasing them along with the rest of the #2019 Hot Wheels lines. So… if you see any lack of content here on OTD, just know that I’m out hunting!

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  1. I gotta learn to do customs, just for that wagon. How to lower the front, get rid of the bulging thing and put a hood there so it looks like a real car

  2. Wow all of those new 2019 hotwheels new models coming out are all awesome. 👍I will be on the hunt for all 3 of those and I can’t wait to add all 3 of those to my hotwheels collection. 👍

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