New 2019 Treasure Hunt REVEALED: Dino Riders STING ROD

10/26/2018 — It appears a new, 2019 regular #Treasure Hunt has been revealed courtesy of For the second straight year, the Dino Riders segment will be a landing spot for a regular treasure hunt, as each mainline series typically plays host to a treasure hunt of the super or regular variety.

Last year (2018), we saw the #Sting Rod II in blue with orange base, and “muddy tires”, complete with dinosaur deco and that #Flame Logo.

Image courtesy of Mattel.

This year (2019), the regular treasure hunt from the Dino Riders — #Sting Rod — will wear that same color scheme and be dubbed the “DINO RANGER” as it chases down all those Dino Rider creature cars.

Image courtesy of Mattel.

This isn’t earth shattering news by any means, but on a slow news day, we at OTD just wanted to let you know that we are constantly updating the site. Check out our 2019 Treasure Hunts Tracker to see the rest of the known lineup.

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