Mystery Models Series 2: THE GOV’NER

Kudos to Hot Wheels for keeping things absurd. No, that isn’t sarcasm you’re hearing, its an actual compliment. In today’s world of collecting, it would be easy to sell all kinds of licensed cars with vintage racing designs or even ultra clean decos — but that isn’t Hot Wheels in its entirety. Collector lines may focus on these kinds of releases — which obviously we all go crazy for — but its these crazy concepts designed for kids that really get the imagination going.

First off, #The Gov’ner is about as normal as a Hot Wheels fantasy car gets these days. Paint it black, show it to a non-collector, and they probably think its from Batman movie they neglected to watch. Its a great design by former Hot Wheels Designer, Fraser Campbell.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels The Gov’ner from the Walmart Exclusive, 2018 Mystery Models Series 2, Space Day (on orange track)

Rather, when I referenced the absurdity that exists in the balance of the Hot Wheels brand above, I was referring to the #2018 Hot Wheels #Mystery Models Series 2. The series has no official name, but its one I reference as “Space Day”, since series 1 was referred to as “Race Day”. Every car in this 12-car series is an original design, featuring outer-space inspired graphics and a racing number that corresponds with its number in the series. #The Gov’ner is #11 of 12 so it has the #11 incorporated into its graphics. These are clearly targeted towards kids whereas the first series had a more “down-to-Earth” theme and was comprised of licensed vehicles taking up more than 50% of the slots.

As a collector, #The Gov’ner was the only car from the #Mystery Models Series 2 that I chose to add to my collection. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for this casting as it was one I had thought to collect numerous times — it has literally been made in all the colors of the rainbow. However, in its 15-year existence, its been in several track/play sets, and those can be hard to track down these days. I remember selling off a couple several years ago that international collectors in Indonesia paid a premium for. Its a cool car that certainly has a niche following.

The #Mystery Models Series 2 release is decked out in all chrome, which is usually the preferred coloring for an all-plastic-bodied casting. Check out the very colorful array of prior #The Gov’ner releases and you’ll most likely agree. The other thing I liked about this release are the moon-colored tires. When you have series of outer-space race cars, of course the ones that raced on the moon need some graphite gray tires, aka: “moon dust shoes”. This is just a very fun release and one the kid in me, had to have. Like it or leave it, thats up to you, but this is a prime example of practicing what you preach… “buy what you like!”

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Chrome Body (plastic). Black Windows. Orange-Chrome PR5 Wheels with Graphite Gray Tires. Metalflake Black Base (metal). Made in Malaysia. Toy# FKX44. Released in 2018 as #11 of 12 in the Walmart Exclusive, Mystery Models Series 2.

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  1. The #10 Rivited is really cool too!! I accidentally picked this one up and it really flies over jumps and loves the track. It also has two different colored wheels, which I haven’t seen before.

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