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Retail Now: Marvel’s Hot Wheels Replica Entertainment Mix has landed at Walmart

6/27/2018 — Much of the attention in the collector world has been gravitating towards the highly anticipated release of the Car Culture Team Transport line — and rightfully so. It seems hobby dealers have gotten first crack at that line as many received it today. Our news however, revolves around another highly anticipated release: the #Replica Entertainment / Marvel Series.

The #Replica Entertainment / Marvel Series for 2018 contains two brand-new castings in the Ghost Rider Charger and the Punisher Van — both of which consist of several pieces. In addition to that, the #Spider-Mobile hits retail for the first time after making its debut last year at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con. Yes, there is a Milano (again), but Hot Wheels collectors should recognize the last vehicle: the #Ice Cream Truck. This is no ordinary Ice Cream Truck as this one has been retooled into Deadpool’s Chimichanga Truck. Gone is that original Good Humor man as he is replaced with Deadpool serving up Chimis.

This series was first reported being found by Jesse Gahring at a Walmart in Western Pennsylvania. His pictures are below. As you can see the display is similar to the truck one we saw earlier this year and will likely be on an end-cap (as shown) OR positioned back-to-back (on a pallet) as an aisle display. It will contain the last two series of Pop Culture: Alex Ross and Disney, along with some track sets in front. The one side however, will contain 50 of the #Replica Entertainment / Marvel Series. Get out and check those Walmarts now!

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