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Retail Now: 100 Years of Chevrolet Trucks shows up at Walmart in unconventional display

02/08/2018 — After seeing my local counts for the 100 Years of Chevrolet Trucks Series go up by 72 yesterday, I decided to do some late-night pallet searching in hopes of bringing home this new Hot Wheels series. Much to my dismay, I was unsuccessful in finding the 72 ct. cases I had thought these were in. That was, until today, when I went back to one of the Walmart locations that had the uptick in stock. As I round the corner, I see this brand-new display that wasn’t there last night — well, I don’t think it was. It is surely an unconventional display as you usually don’t see  whole endcaps dedicated to Hot Wheels at Walmart, so this may be a new thing for all you who hate those Hot Wheels Themed Assortment dump bins. Anyways, I netted all eight trucks from this display which also had track sets (front) and 5-Packs (left side), and of course left plenty behind for my fellow Phoenix-area collectors.

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  1. It beats the bananas out of the dreaded dump bins! Maybe they’ve listened to all the complaints. The trade off, however, may be that lower quantities make it more difficult to find the ones you want.

    • I was thinking there would be lower quantities too (if these truly are replacing themed dump bins)…. but, depending how long they plan on keeping this in place… maybe Walmart will actually replenish these more often (when they sell) instead of a dump bin where you just get the whole shipment all at once. That would actually be nice, especially if you have a local collector taking all of one casting, you will have more chances on getting the one you want.

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