HW 50th Anniversary Favorites: ’71 AMC JAVELIN AMX

The #HW 50th Favorites series has been one of the more interesting lines of the #2018 Hot Wheels year. Way back in April, Toys R Us stores in the United States actually received a case or two of these (per store) amid the stores going out of business. Then, international folks started seeing this line appear at retail while folks in the U.S. waited…. and waited… until finally, the line started to appear online through Amazon’s US site, just 10 days ago. Since then, collectors have reported the series showing up at Autozone and Advanced Auto Parts stores in the U.S,. but at a hefty $6.99 price-point. So while many U.S.-based collectors wait for the series to show up at the big box stores, a good amount of collectors were fortunate enough to score the first five cars in this series off Amazon for the retail price of $5.49 — myself included.

Of the first five cars in this #HW 50th Favorites series, the one I absolutely had to have was the #’71 AMC Javelin AMX. Its strikingly reminiscent of Marc Donohue’s Javelin that had previously been released in the 2011 Hot Wheels Vintage Racing line (shown below), which is an awesome design on its own. The white “body stripe” that stretches across both sides and the roof is there, along with the striping pattern on the hood. In addition to that, both releases feature the same gray #Real Riders 8-Spoke Wheels.

This is only the third release of the premium version of the #’71 AMC Javelin AMX; a version of the casting collectors would definitely welcome more of. Its metal base with chin spoiler and interior roll cage, give this Javelin casting a sportier look than its mainline counterpart.

I’m not exactly sure on how the #HW 50th Favorites were selected as several castings in this 10-car series aren’t what I would consider collector favorites. With that said, there may have been some foresight on behalf of the Hot Wheels team in inserting the Javelin into this lineup as I have a feeling this could be a very desirable casting several years down the road. The 2011 Vintage Racing release commands $80 to $100 (carded), while the 2012 Hot Wheels Racing release can be had for around $20; which are both far more than their original $5 price-points. I think something can be said for a casting that shows an increase in value like this one. Time will tell if the premium version of the #AMC Javelin AMX truly becomes a collector-favorite. If they keep coming out like this however, you can bet that more collectors will take note of this fabulous casting.

If you are still in that group of collectors that are looking for this release, keep checking Amazon as they have continuously added stock (at $5.49) over the last 10 days. There is no word (yet) on when we will see these at the big box stores.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Red Enamel Body (metal). Clear Windows. Gray Interior. Gray Real Riders 8-Spoke (RR8SP) Wheels. Unpainted Metal Base. Made in Thailand. Toy# FLF37. Released in 2018 as #2 of 10 in the Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Favorites.

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  1. I bought this Javelin at a Toys R’ Us in Ottawa (Orleans), Canada in late April.

    I quite like it but the 50th anniversary black card series car I was most interested in getting was the Volkswagen Squareback in the Volskwagen service livery, which I still haven’t found, not that I’ve seen any more black card cars in about 2 months.

    I was kind of hoping Canadian Toys R’ Us stores, which aren’t closing, would be getting more stock of premium Hot Wheels lines originally intended for U.S. Toys R’ Us stores, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for the 50th anniversary black card series.

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