Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Favorites NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON!

6/14/2018 — Folks here in the United States have been licking their chops since the Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Favorites starting showing up in other countries months ago. There was a brief appearance of these at Toys R Us back in April but nothing since. Well, I am delighted to tell you that these are now available on Amazon, AT THE RETAIL PRICE OF $5.49 EACH! Order now before they’re gone!

Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon

’71 AMC Javelin AMX

’60s Ford Econoline Pickup

’56 Chevy

’69 Volkswagen Squareback

OR Click Here to order the 50th Favorites Vehicles at RANDOM (oooh the suspense!)

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  1. holy smokes the ’56 Chevy is gone already and there’s no ’69 Volkswagen anywhere on the site? This is worse than the RLC Tuesday sales!

  2. My local Walmart got a dump bin of 100 year anniversary Chevy trucks. The pic on the front features NINE trucks. The ninth looks like a Chevy Luv. Is there a chase or something? (Sorry for the unrelated comment.)

  3. Check the forums on, a discussion about that Chevy Luv started there a few weeks ago and some seem to think the Luv is a limited Chase version.

    • After it sold out at the retail price (through Amazon) it defaults to 3rd Party Sellers … and we all know the markup they have. 😦

  4. Immediately after I purchased the Bluebird, Javelin, and pickup, the price on the Bluebird shot up to $28.99! I got it at $5.49. Then I noticed the Javelin shot up to $18.99! And the pickup price stayed the same $5.49. What the heck is going on on Amazon? I keep getting “in stock” notifications on the ’56 Chevy and when I go to add it to my cart it’s still OOS. The Volkswagen is still nowhere to be found and the link you posted loads the ’56 Chevy item rather than V-wagen.

    • Okay, sorry about that! I finally fixed the link. It should take you to the VW page — if it doesn’t, let me know.

      The reason the price jumps up from $5.49 to $18.99 or $28.99 is because, after Amazon sells out of their allotment, it defaults to 3rd Party sellers … who we all know, tend to have drastic markups on hot items.

    • It appears they replenish these at like a case or two a day… so, as soon as you get the notice, so does everyone else and its on to who gets there first. Kind of like retail unfortunately.

      The link you provided is the one I have above. Its for the assortment, so you are getting one out of the 5 cars.

  5. I figured there are a zillion people with email notifications on these. Can you figure out which of the 5 cars are included in the item link I posted?

    • Unfortunately I don’t have any way of doing so. I assume they all are. Its the online equivalent of walking up to the pegs and pulling off the first car on the peg hook. Its totally random, but you should get one of the 5 cars. Buy more, and your chances increase of getting what you want. The good news is, you shouldn’t have a problem selling them if its one you don’t want. They all seem to be going for more than the $5.49 retail price since they are not at retail in the U.S. yet — not counting that one week where they showed up at Toys R Us in like February (which was so weird by the way).

  6. Wow! They showed up in TRU? I don’t remember ever seeing them at my “former” TRU. The Javelin and Econoline are still available as “add-on” items only for $5.49. The only buy option on the Blueturd is $28. No dice on the other two. Maybe I can get someone to trade the ’56 Chevy & ’69 Volks. I got two ea. of the ‘bird, Econo, and Javelin.

  7. I can’t believe it! I was just able to order a complete set! I have been checking frequently, and they must’ve just restocked. Thanks for the heads up!

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