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Orange Track Diecast

AMC JAVELIN AMX from 2010 Muscle Mania is a thrifty collector’s substitute for the Hot Wheels Vintage Racing release

Let’s face it. In today’s Hot Wheels collecting landscape, you could spend hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars buying every popular release that was left behind a decade ago, OR you can satiate your hunger with some cheaper alternatives… The #‘71 AMC Javelin AMX from the 2011 Hot […]

Orange Track Diecast

FORZA Motorsport Series: AMC JAVELIN AMX

The Hot Wheels brand continues to court several video game licenses as the relationships have proven fruitful for both Hot Wheels and the video game companies. Mattel furthers their reach by attracting consumers in the video game segment with a wide assortment of cool castings, all while not […]