Showcase Series 4: CUSTOM CORVETTE

Welcome to the 50th Anniversary of Hot Wheels! There should be a lot to be excited about if you’re a collector, let alone a collector of the Original 16 Hot Wheels castings. Come May, we should be seeing the Replica Redlines hit stores across the U.S., and while those aren’t necessarily the Original 16 castings, they are modern substitutes for five of those original 16. But something tells me if you’re a vintage Hot Wheels fan, you aren’t checking retail on a regular basis like the rest of us that are in the daily Hot Wheels rat race. No, you’re a fan of #Redlines, #Spectraflame Paint and Bent-Axle Suspension. Lets just say, will have a lot to offer you between the remaining eight castings of their #HWC Original 16 line, a rumored replica of the famous 1968 in-store display (complete with all Original 16 vehicles), and whatever else comes along. However, when it comes to #HWC, patience has and will continue to be the name of the game.

While you are exercising said patience, I have found it beneficial to go back through my collection and fill some holes. I know there are some collectors out there that truly have EVERYTHING — but if you’re like me, you’re not even close. So what do you do? Well, a great place to start filling holes is at the #HWC / #RLC level. A lot of prior releases from the mid-2000s sell for less than what collectors paid for them 10 to 15 years ago! Case in point… the #HWC Series 4 #Custom Corvette — this gorgeous specimen you see below — can pretty much be had for around $15-shipped, straight to your door! That is just ridiculous for a car that looks this good.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Custom Corvette from the 2005 Series 4 Neo-Classics (side view)

Wearing #Spectraflame Pink and sporting #Neo-Classic #Redline Wheels, the #Custom Corvette made its long awaited comeback in 2005 after a 36-year layoff. This retool of the #Harry Bradley Design even featured the original car’s #Opening Hood revealing that 427 engine — well, at least that is what the tampos on the sides and hood say it is.

The #HWC Series 4 #Custom Corvette also features ghost flames along the sides of the vehicle — a signature trademark of several mid-2000s #HWC vehicles. I don’t remember if the Barbie brand had any influence on this car being #Spectraflame Pink, but the California license plate does read “DRM CAR”.

Chances are, you are saying to yourself, “man, I need to get me one of these” OR “thanks Brad, but I already have one”. If you are in the latter group, you really need to make sure yours is loose, or buy another if you would rather keep yours packaged. This is one sweet car loose, and since mine is recently freed, I definitely have a new found respect for it. Put these #Neo-Classics on that iconic orange track, and its like releasing an animal back into the wild. These neo-classics aren’t meant for the blister, to be hung on some wall, or stored in a plastic storage bin…

I have come to understand that #Neo-Classics deserve to be free to fully appreciate their true beauty. If the pictures above don’t convince you, your soul must be tarnished as this is vintage Hot Wheels — albeit at the Neo-Classic level. This #HWC Series 4 release of the #Custom Corvette has me convinced that I do need to pick up the next releases of this #Corvette when it appears later in the year on This release has me screaming, “I love Neo-Classics”. This release has me saying, “I love Hot Wheels!”. Those 50th Anniversary cars can’t come soon enough … so much for patience!

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Spectraflame Pink Body (metal). Clear Windows. Tan Interior. Neo-Classic Redline Wheels. Chrome-Plated Metal Base. Made in China. Toy# H2924. Released in 2005 as part of the Series 4, #5 of 6 in the Neo-Classics Series (limited to 11,000 pieces).

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