Replica Redlines RELEASED in Europe, but won’t hit U.S. until May

02/04/2018 — Thanks to Fabien Souchon from France, we know that the series collectors are calling “Replica Redlines” is landing in Europe. This series has a U.S. release date of May 19th — the week of Hot Wheels 50th Birthday — so collectors in the U.S. and other international markets need not worry, you’ll see them come May!

The Replica Redlines consist of five metal/metal castings wearing vintage-style (basic) #Redlines and some new #Spectraflame Paint on a retro-style card with button. The five castings that were chosen represent five of the Original 16 cars: ’68 Cougar (Custom Cougar), Volkswagen Beetle (Custom Volkswagen), ’67 Camaro (Custom Camaro), Custom ’67 Mustang (Custom Mustang) and ’67 HEMI Barracuda (Custom Barracuda). NOTE: Yes, that is the ’68 HEMI Barracuda casting.

Despite the rumor that these will retail for $1 (to match the 1968 price), it appears these will have a retail price of $5.50 here in the U.S.. It was also mentioned that these five cars will be the first to feature a new #Spectraflame Paint process that is on the same level as what the #Hot Wheels Classics used to have. Its unclear what else at this time it will be used for in 2018, but come 2019, it will be used on the Super Treasure Hunts — which is surely an upgrade on the current process.

The Replica Redlines will be popular with all the nostalgic collectors out there, and with a limited time release, grab them while you can — but be patient as these (once again) won’t hit the U.S. until May 19th.

Thank you, Fabien for sharing your pictures! NOTE: Fabien has also found the #Walmart Exclusive, ZAMAC Flames Series in France, which is due to be out soon.

UPDATE 02/08/2018 — Mattel has released pictures of these five cars. They are below.

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  1. Hello Fabien,
    thank you for this relevant information. where are available in France these beautiful red line.

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