Multi-Pack Exclusive: PASS’N GASSER

After not appearing since 2015, the Hot Wheels #Pass’n Gasser is back with (at least) two releases for 2018. The hunt is still on for the #Mystery Models release as I have yet to find that, but I do have that other #2018 Hot Wheels release for you: the #Multi-Pack Exclusive.

Wearing some pretty wicked metalflake midnight blue paint (which I’ve already seen several people call it black), this #Pass’n Gasser mimics the graphics from the other five #Multi-Pack Exclusive releases its had (2012 to 2014).

Colorways like this are always interesting, especially when they span multiple years like these. Some of you eagle-eyed readers will realize that the skull-cross behind the engine is gone, as well as the logos on towards the bottom. Two new tampos “VETUSKEY” (for Hot Wheels Designer Brendon Vetuskey) and “Colucci” were added, making this another #Car featuring names of Mattel Employees.

The Hot Wheels #Pass’n Gasser is a #Larry Wood Design that made its debut in 2008. Larry himself has always said that he was surprised the casting’s name made it through legal due to its nod to flatulence. This is one #Gasser casting — if you decide on collecting — that won’t cost you an arm & and a leg to complete its collection. These #Multi-Pack Exclusives may be of the hardest releases to track down, but as you can see, they make quite the family. With 2018 just hitting its stride, hopefully we will see more of these in the multi-packs to come!

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Metalflake Midnight Blue Body (metal). Chrome Engine/Roll Bars. Gray Grill/Seat. Chrome Skinny 5-DOT Wheels (front) and Chrome 5-Spoke Wheels (back). Gray Base (plastic). Made in Malaysia. Toy# X6999. Released in 2018 as a Multi-Pack Exclusive.

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