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Retail Now: Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage on CLEARANCE

01/25/2018 — Whether you buy Hot Wheels playsets or not, the Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage is a must have — especially at the clearance price of $50! For a set as epic as this (which originally retailed at $200), its definitely a steal at this price. The only problem? Its finding a place to put this thing! If you have the space — or a wife that doesn’t mind — you should look into picking one of these up for the clearance price of $50 at Walmart now (if your store has any left). If they don’t, they are currently $99 via the Walmart web site, which is still a pretty good deal, and you can Buy Now using this link.

After these had a hard time moving at the $200 price-point, you can bet that you probably won’t see something like this from Hot Wheels again. Pick one up for you, pick one up for a worthy kid in your life, but don’t wait. These will most likely be gone soon. Here’s your two minute warning…

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage on Clearance at Walmart for $50 (January 2018)

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