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Orange Track Diecast

Multi-Pack Exclusive: PASS’N GASSER

After not appearing since 2015, the Hot Wheels #Pass’n Gasser is back with (at least) two releases for 2018. The hunt is still on for the #Mystery Models release as I have yet to find that, but I do have that other #2018 Hot Wheels release for you: […]

Orange Track Diecast

Fright Cars: FANGULA

Is it just me, or do regular #Treasure Hunts seem to be more plentiful this year? I have found a couple dozen of these in the last couple months which has to be a new record for me with regular treasure hunts. It was weird… I left all but […]

Orange Track Diecast

Connect Cars / 50 States: DRAGTOR

Life on the farm tends to be a slow, monotonous life-style. But what if your farm had a drag-racing tractor? Well, that may speed things up a bit! Thats exactly what the Hot Wheels Dragtor is … a drag-racing tractor. From the mind of Hot Wheels designer (and […]