Hot Wheels Halloween: ’49 FORD F1

October is right around the corner and that means that another great Hot Wheels #Halloween series is hitting the pegs. There have been a few great releases over the last couple of years but this year Hot Wheels stepped it up by creating a new wheel altogether. The newly forged #Skull Wheels adorn all eight vehicles in this year’s series, and as playful as they may be, some collectors are quite fancied by them.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’49 Ford F1 from the 2017 Halloween Series (side view)

The odds on favorite for this year’s series seems to be this matte black and bright orange #’49 Ford F1 truck. The color combination paired with white #Skull Wheels, and this great #Ford #Truck casting, make it easy on the eyes. This has prompted many collectors who have come across these already to buy one, two, three — or in some cases, the whole shipper!

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’49 Ford F1 from the 2017 Halloween Series (rear view)

Ultimately, its got to be the color combination of the body and the wheels (at the $1 price point) that has this one disappearing from the shippers. If we are being honest, I had actually confused this casting with the ’52 Chevy Pickup … until I saw the name printed on the blister card. Despite being similar — even though the trucks they are based on were built by rival companies — the ’52 Chevy has been utilized quite a bit since its debut as part of the 2007 Hot Wheels Classics line, whereas this #’49 Ford F1 casting was quietly introduced in 2013 as part of the #Pop Culture line, and this marks its 4th release since that initial release.

The #Hot Wheels Halloween (2017) series is not exclusive to any one retailer this year as the series has been showing up at most Kroger brand grocery stores, Walgreens and other smaller retailers here in the United States. With the new wheels and some decent castings in the lineup, make sure you grab these before they’re gone.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Matte Black Body (metal). Clear Windshield. Orange Interior. White Skull Wheels. Orange Base (plastic). Made in Malaysia. Toy# DYB58. Released in 2017 as #4 of 8 in the Hot Wheels Halloween Series.

For more pictures of your favorite Hot Wheels, check out @orangetrackdiecast on Instagram!

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  1. I. Love. That. Holloween. Truck. When. We. It. Be. Release. To. Stores. At. One. Time. I. Had. Three thousand. Hot. Wheels. My. Son. And. His. Friends. Opened. Them. Well. I. Have. Started. Collectioning. Them. Again. The. Tresure. Hunt. Cars. Are. Hard. To. Spot. In. Stores. I. Always. Take. My. Phone. FOR. A. Closer. Look. I. Foumd. The. Hot. Wheels. Rescue. Hw pusuit. At. A. Dollar. Store. I. Love. Going. In. There. Own. Diferent. Days. To. Get. Another. In. 1995. I. Had. T’he. Tresaure. Hunt. 57. Chevy. Purple. With. Tirés. That. Had. White. Number.

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