THIS WEEK in Hot Wheels – 2/11/2017 News Recap


17th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals Convention

The third souvenir car was unveiled Friday for the event which will be held April 5-9, 2017 at the DoubleTree in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It will be another collector-favorite, the #’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser which can be seen >> HERE << courtesy of the Collectors Events Unlimited Facebook Page.

Hitting Stores Now!

Collectors here in the U.S. have been finding the #HALO series #Replica Entertainment vehicles at Toys R Us. Apparently, TRU got cases of these 2 weeks earlier than the other retailers. That is where I found the UNSC Scorpion.

U.S. collectors have also reported finding the “E” case assortment of Hot Wheels mainline cars at Walmart as they got special 3-sided displays in that have these cars on the sides.

Kmart Collector’s Day

The next Kmart Collector’s Day Event is Scheduled for Saturday, February 18, 9AM local time. The 4 exclusive colorways will be the ’55 Chevy (Matte Dark Green – HW Flames), ’08 Dodge Viper SRT ACR (Black – Night Burnerz), Custom ’56 Ford Truck (Light Blue – HW Hot Trucks) and the Cool-One (Yellow – HW Art Cars). Cases go on sale tomorrow (2/12), on

Fast & Furious appears in Canada

Canadian Walmarts have started to receive the upcoming Fast & Furious 8-car series that is due to hit U.S. Walmarts in March.

“Boss Hoss” Custom Mustang is RLC Rewards car for 2016/2017

The 5th vehicle in the HWC Spoilers line will be the “Boss Hoss” Custom Mustang. The only way to get this is to accumulate enough priority rewards points (thru your RLC Membership) from ordering at HWC. If you are a Red Line Club member, you can view the sneak peek of it on



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