Ask any Hot Wheels Race Team collector and I’m sure their requirements as to what their race team collection involves, vary. Currently, my #Hot Wheels Race Team collection are all blue with Hot Wheels are their primary sponsor, meaning the flame logo definitely dominates the piece. While this definition may still be a little bit subjective, its been about as close as I have come to defining what goes in this part of my collection.

Back in 2013, when I came across the #HWTF 5 5-Pack, my definition wasn’t as clear (as it is now) so I left this blue #Camaro that was in it, behind. A couple years later, when a fellow race team collector posted this release as part of his race team collection, I began examining why I had passed on it — turns out that while the logo doesn’t dominate the outward facing side (while in package) of the vehicle….

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Chevy Camaro Concept from the 2013 HWTF 5 5-Pack, a Target Exclusive (passenger side)

…the side that is facing the back of the 5-Pack packaging, does (shown below). Turns out I wasn’t the only race team collector to make this discovery. There have been plenty of the other four cars from this 5-pack for sale (loose), its this #Chevy Camaro Concept that is always missing. Fortunately, I was finally able to find the 5-Pack as a whole (and buy it) for almost double the cost at retail (shipped).

This is definitely an interesting release of the Hot Wheels #Chevy Camaro Concept casting. As far as I know, the plastic-bodied version of this casting was only used in the #Color Shifters line, which included a layer of color-changing paint over the plastic body. This release’s plastic body was not painted, giving it the #X-Raycers treatment. The only thing about that however, is that this is not a casting that is conducive to the X-Raycer treatment. Most notably is the hood — and the parts that lie underneath it. The hoods translucent nature allows you to see through it. Instead of finding an engine, you see a rivet post, some backwards numbering that indicates the mold that was used, and you can see where the body meets the base and the axles are held in place. This was clearly done unintentionally but it is cool because you can kind of imagine now what most Hot Wheels cars look like on the inside.

If you are a #Hot Wheels Race Team collector and/or a collector of #Camaros, you may want to grab this one now as it is becoming harder to find. If its the #HWTF 5 5-Pack you seek, look below for the other four cars also included in it.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Translucent Blue Body (plastic). Clear Windows. Black Interior. Blue-Chrome-Rim, Black PR5 Wheels. Unpainted Metal Base. Made in Thailand. Toy# Y5184. Released in 2013 as part of the HWTF 5 5-Pack.

If you’re curious as to what the rest of the HWTF 5 5-Pack had in it, see below:

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