Fright Cars: ’35 CLASSIC CADDY

Happy Halloween! Hot Wheels has long celebrated the holiday by dressing up their repertoire of diverse castings in costumed attire for #Halloween specific series. Over the years we have seen some great releases and that continued this year with the #Hot Wheels Halloween (2016). Almost a decade ago (2007), the Halloween cars were part of the Fright Cars Series and released exclusively by Walmart and Target. The #Walmart Exclusive #Fright Cars were individually carded (#1-8) and featured #Real Riders. The Target Exclusive Fright Cars came in a 5-Pack and had several combinations of the 7 vehicles — the Zombot was omitted from the 5-Packs for some reason.

One of the personal favorite cars from not just the 2007 Fright Cars but from all of the #Halloween Hot Wheels has to be the ’35 Classic Caddy. Looking like a car Lucifer himself would drive, this “Caddy from Hell” has that sinister look to it while still managing to keep with classy with those #Real Riders BNG Wheels with #White Wall Tires.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’35 Classic Caddy from the 2007 Fright Cars Series (Walmart Exclusive)

While the Target Exclusive 5-Pack release of the #Cadillac was far less appealing, the #Walmart Exclusive #Fright Cars release stole the show. Its releases like this that make collectors yearn for the years of the Fright Cars with #Real Riders as they fully complete the ensemble — at a $1.29, they had the same price point as this years series, albeit 9 years earlier.

If this ’35 Classic Caddy strikes your fancy or you’re just into #Classic Cars, you need not worry as there is a wealth of these on the secondary market and can be yours anywhere from $5 to $10-shipped. Which isn’t bad as it looks like the ’35 Classic Caddy is a #Discontinued Casting, with the last releases of it appearing in 2012.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Black Body (metal). Dark Red Fenders (plastic). Red-Tinted Windows. Dark Red Interior. Chrome Real Riders BNG Wheels with White Wall Tires. Unpainted Metal Base. Made in Thailand. Toy# M3076. Released in 2007 as #4 of 8 in the Walmart Exclusive Fright Cars Series.

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