HW Racing / HW Race Team Series (2013 New Model): MIG RIG

Far from being a bystander, this track-side maintenance truck was meant to service and meant to race. Designed by legendary Hot Wheels designer, Larry Wood, the Hot Wheels Mig Rig combines functionality with speed, and adds a dash of vintage flair. A gaze into the back reveals several tools rolling along with what looks to be an 8-cylinder crate engine.

Of all the Hot Wheels #2013 New Models, the #Mig Rig stands among my favorites. The only knock against it can be the cheap looking plastic body. Fortunately, this casting would quickly be retooled in 2014 for the #Pop Culture line and would be granted that metal body to compliment the metal base. It turns out that premium releases of this casting will have the metal/metal combo whereas the mainline releases will revert back to the plastic body.

As it stands, the blue colorway of this release is my favorite release of this casting thus far — even edging out the two metal-bodied releases. It may be that its the #First Edition of this casting and its decked out in a #Hot Wheels Race Team paint scheme but the color and design seem to embody the racing spirit of this casting, more so than the other releases. I’m sure its only a matter of time before we see this casting rehashed with another racing scheme.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Metalflake Blue Body (plastic). Light Blue Tinted Windows. Chrome Interior. Chrome 5-Spoke (5SP) Wheels. Unpainted Metal Base. Made in Malaysia. Toy# X1661. Released in 2013 as #9 of 10 in the HW Racing / HW Race Team Series (also part of the 2013 New Models).

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