Stars & Stripes: 8 CRATE

The Stars & Stripes cars are still eluding me at my local Walmarts as I’ve been hard-pressed to find anything good there as of late. And with all the cool #Walmart Exclusives that have been coming out, it pains me to say that I’ve been getting Hot Wheels stir crazy with not finding them. Fortunately, I got the two Stars & Stripes series cars that I really wanted at a local toy shop — albeit at $4 a piece. I’ve already featured the Stars & Stripes: Custom ’77 Dodge Van.

The 8 Crate has been a cult-favorite Hot Wheels casting among collectors since its introduction in 2003. Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time the casting has worn a patriotic deco. 10 years ago, in the 2006 Hot Wheels mainline open vamp, it had a blue paint job and wore red flames and white stars. Part of me wonders if this was a coincidence or if its inclusion is some sort of nod to the 10th anniversary of that original release. Regardless, this classic American #Station Wagon looks great in the Stars & Stripes.

Diecast Motorsports

RELEASE DETAILS: Metalflake Dark Red and White Body (metal). Light Blue Tinted Windows. Chrome Interior. Chrome PR5 Wheels. Black Base (plastic). Made in Malaysia. Toy# DLV23. Released in 2016 as #8 of 10 in the Stars & Stripes Series (Walmart Exclusive).

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