2010 HW Premiere / All Stars: CITROËN C4 RALLY

Anyone remember this little bugger? As a completionist in 2010, this release drove me crazy as it was the last New Model to be released for that year. To make matters worse, the 2010 mainline had a different numbering system and different series between the domestic and international cases. A good example of this is this very release of this car. Released in international assortments as part of the 2010 HW Premiere Series and in domestic assortments as part of the All Stars Series, this #First Edition of this casting made it very difficult for cardboard collectors to collect.

Fortunately, I did indeed find this release on both cards as some of the grocery stores in the United States get the international assortments which proved beneficial in 2010. Now, as more of a loose collector, I can value this casting for what it really is…a great car!

Diecast Motorsports

Hot Wheels Citroën C4 Rally from the 2010 HW Premiere / Global All Stars BACK

My story takes me back to the Spring of 2012. I was in Siena, Italy and my cab driver picked me up in a Citroën C4…my first ride in a Citroën and a C4 for that matter. My first take on the real car was the size of the windows and how much natural light they let in. Having obtained the Hot Wheels Citroën C4 Rally about a year and a half earlier, I began thinking how much that must help the drivers who race the C4 #Rally Cars. My second take on the car was its maneuverability. The hilly, winding & narrow streets of Siena resemble a labyrinth to this American driver. This cab driver, drove like most cabbies drive, FAST. Contrary to the cab rides in the old Crown Victorias I’ve received here in the U.S., I did not feel like the c4 was going to tip over. Again, thinking about the rally car nature of this car, I figured its maneuverability must bode well for it and its rally car drivers.

As far as the Hot Wheels Citroën C4 Rally casting (since its introduction in late 2010), its only appeared a couple times — mostly all in the mainline. The only exception came in 2011 when it was part of the Speed Machines line. This original release in red is, by far, the cleanest looking of the bunch — and to me, the best looking as well. I’d take the silver badging and headlights over tampos all day. The only complaint? That space-blanket interior. *facepalm* Still, even with that, its a great release and one you should obtain if you like your #Compact Cars.

Diecast Motorsports

RELEASE DETAILS: Red Body (metal). Clear Windows. Chrome Interior. White 10-Spoke (10SP) Wheels. Black Base (plastic). Made in Malaysia. Toy# R0944 / R7547. Released in 2010 as part of the 2010 HW Premiere (International Cases) and the Global All Stars (Domestic Cases).

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