Test Facility Series (2014 New Models): RIP ROD

The other day’s article inspired me to write about the winning car of Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver (WBD) — the Rip Rod. After doing some research, I found the video below. I was not aware that the WBD ever concluded, let alone ended with a nice 22-minute video deciding a fictitious winner. After watching this, its even more clear how cool this casting is. Just like yesterday, the Rip Rod in the video is the same one that was released in the Hot Wheels mainline.

The #First Edition of the Rip Rod appeared as a 2014 New Model in the Test Facility Series. Given that it was featured in numerous Hot Wheels promotional videos and had the cool story surrounding the engine (that we mentioned in that article from the other day), I’m surprised this casting was not more popular with collectors. This is one of the castings that once I saw it on the pegs I had to have it.

Now, I do have to admit that I was slightly disappointed that the body is plastic, however that seems to be where castings designed for the Hot Wheels mainline are headed. At least, with it having a metal base, the Rip Rod is fast on track. Another form of disappointment in this casting is that the back windows are painted on. While there was an attempt to paint the back windows red like the front windows, its very clear that these are not a consistent red by any means. Hopefully someone at Hot Wheels realizes this and subsequent releases feature back windows painted the color of the car, rather than trying to extend the color of the windows. Despite the disappointments with the casting this is still one of my favorite new castings and you should have no problems tracking down all four releases of it so far.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Gloss Black Body (plastic). Red Window. Gray Interior. Red-Chrome-Rim, Black Muscle-Car 5-Spoke (MC5) Wheels. Red-Painted Base (metal). Made in Malaysia. Toy# BDD00. Released in 2014 as #5 of 5 in the HW Off-Road / Test Facility Series (2014 New Models).

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