2004 First Editions: ’89 BATMOBILE

Today we are throwing it all the way back today to 1989 — the reemergence of the modern day Batman and the best Batmobile of all! …Granted, “my Batman” was Michael Keaton (given my age). Check out the “Batman Scene” below (from the movie Neighbors) to see what I mean.

The Hot Wheels Batmobile commonly referred to as the ’89 Batmobile was released in the 2004 First Editions. It has been released several times in the last 12 years, wearing black for all but one release — last year (2015), it was released in dark chrome. While there was a more detailed casting of the ’89 Batmobile in the now defunct Hot Wheels 100% line, Hot Wheels collectors seem to be shelling out the money to obtain the various versions of the simplified “mainline” version. One thing that the mainline casting has over the 100% casting is that it works with most Hot Wheels track sets and its quite fast on the downhill track since it has a plastic body and a metal base.

The one thing about this release better than the actual casting?

2004 was the year Hot Wheels first gained the license to produce Batman’s car. So this release, along with the other two Batmobiles in the Hot 100 (2004 First Editions), ushered in a new era of Batman/Batmobile diecast in the Hot Wheels lineup. There are so many Batmobiles now (Hot Wheels makes just about every one) that collectors were tasked with trying to differentiate them. Check out the wiki page >> HERE << to see all the Batmobiles that Hot Wheels produces. Also, there is a new release of the ’89 Batmobile being released in the Hot Wheels Color Shifters line. Check out your local retailers and snag this classic before the Joker does!

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Matte Black Body (plastic). Black Windows. Chrome 5-Spoke (5SP) Wheels. Unpainted Metal Base. Made in Malaysia. Toy# B3542. Released in 2004 as #31 of 100 in the 2004 First Editions.

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