Showcase Series 12: BLOWN DELIVERY

When castings are given’s “RLC Treatment” it is considered to be the pinnacle of quality in the Hot Wheels realm. Some castings become collectible and are given the treatment, some castings are resurrected from the redline days, and some castings are simply born into it. The latter was the case for the Blown Delivery. Well, to be fair, the Blown Delivery was resurrected but it was from an old sketch. 20 years ago, Designer Phil Riehlman was assigned to come up with a vehicle that could serve as a “billboard” in the premium and promotional lines. He came up with two: the Blown Delivery and the Volkswagen Drag Bus. The Blown Delivery took the backseat while the VW Bus was green-lighted and introduced as part of the 1996 First Editions.

It wasn’t until a 2009 movement in the Red Line Club that the Blown Delivery was resurrected. An original sketch of what was known as the “Coke Truck” at the time had surfaced and the movement to turn this casting into fruition had begun. It wasn’t long before the “Coke Truck” (nicknamed for its Coca-Cola graphics in the original sketch) had been named Blown Delivery and announced as part of’s Series 9 lineup (2010). It instantly became a collector favorite.

Fast-Forward to 2013. The super popular Blown Delivery was given TWO slots in the 8-car HWC Series 12. One in the Real Riders segment and one in the Neo-Classics segment. The Neo-Classics one is shown below. Originally slated to be Spectraflame Orange, Hot Wheels Graphic Designer Steve “Van” Vandervate, asked members what they thought of a Military-esque version instead. The response from Red Line Club members was overwhelmingly in favor of this change and the Neo-Classics version below was born.

Blown Delivery - HWC Neo-Classics MOD


RELEASE DETAILS: Spectraflame Olive Body (metal). Clear Windows. Black Interior. Neo-Classic Redline Tires. Chrome Base (metal). Made in Malaysia. Toy# Y0453. Released in 2013 as part of the Neo-Classics Series 12. Limited to 4,500.

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