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Graffiti Rides 5-Pack: Delivery Van / Combat Medic

As evident by this blog, graffiti makes a cool backdrop for diecast photo shoots. Graffiti is a type of art and has found its way onto street cars and Hot Wheels cars. In 2009, Hot Wheels released the Graffiti Rides 5-Pack featuring 5 vehicles with Graffiti graphics. This was a continuation of the graffiti-themed cars of the Tag Rides Series of 2004 & 2006. This Delivery Van (often referred to as Combat Medic) features a Metalkflake Dark Green paint job, a graffiti DJ playing a graffiti turn-table, and was exclusive to the 2009 5-Pack. If you would like to give this a new home, head over to and BUY IT NOW.

Delivery Van - 2009 Graffiti Rides 5PK copy

RELEASE DETAILS: Metalflake Dark Green Body (metal). Black Interior. Yellow-Tint Windows. 5-Spoke Wheels (5SP). Chrome Plastic Base. Made in Thailand.

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