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Heritage / Real Riders: TEXAS DRIVE ‘EM

Man, I sure got bit by the “gotta-have-it-nows” when I saw this truck first pop-up for sale. See, I haven’t found a Texas Drive ‘Em (TDE) at retail since I found its first Hot Wheels Classics release in a grocery store in 2009. I have scored a few of […]

Diecast Motorsports

HW Hot Trucks: ’15 FORD F-150

The #Hot Wheels Race Team is back for 2016! However, its not in the race-team-specific segment series as you would expect–although it still may be possible as all the 2016 series have not been revealed. The first casting to wear the famous Hot Wheels logo in blue is the […]


In today’s world of Hot Wheels collecting, Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) and Lifted Trucks are in. So its a little surprising that we have not seen any reemergence of the Nissan Hardbody/Truck. The Nissan Hardbody fits both designations and even falls into the classic Hot Wheels designation given […]

Creature Cars 5-Pack: POWER PANEL

The Power Panel was designed by Phil Riehlman and is based off of the Dodge Power Wagon. Its an underrated casting believe it or not. Not being a very good track car, it has a tiny cult following of customizers and I believe the Hot Wheels Graphics Team […]