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Orange Track Diecast

Auto Affinity / Blvd. Bruisers: ’63 CHEVY IMPALA

A couple months ago, I did a feature on my expansive Dodge Charger Collection. While grabbing a few details about the #Auto Affinity / #Blvd. Bruisers Series releases, I came across this pair of #’63 Chevy Impalas — erroneously marked as a “1964 Impala” on their cards. They […]

Orange Track Diecast

RLC Membership Exclusive: CUSTOM CAMARO

The 2019 #RLC Membership #Custom Camaro is here! Decked out in #Spectraflame Black, this Custom Camaro (casting-wise) resembles the very first RLC Membership car, the #’67 Camaro. As a RLC Member since that inaugural year in 2002, I’ve been along for the ride; and while its sure been […]

2018 Collector Edition: ’70 CHEVY BLAZER

Here’s one that you have probably seen before, but have not had a chance to obtain yet: the #2018 Collector Edition #’70 Chevy Blazer. It was scheduled to be a Walmart Mail-In for earlier this year, however, the details never surfaced. This left a lot of collectors resorting […]