As good as it gets? The Hot Wheels TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 80 debuts in stellar fashion

It is hard to imagine any future releases of the brand-new #Toyota Land Cruiser 80 casting coming out much better than this! Debuting in mix N for 2021, this overlanding beast is easily one the best #2021 New Models. The casting is extremely-detailed and the feels like one you’d see on the backroads — well, sans the dirt of course.

Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels Toyota Land Cruiser 80 from the 2021 Mainline / HW Hot Trucks Series, also part of the 2021 New Models

Call it the, “clean version” as the #First Edition of the #Toyota Land Cruiser 80 comes free of any dirt, and of any obnoxious graphics. Rather, the solid gray paint with black trim gives this vintage 4WD vehicle a modern look, along with modern sponsors in #fifteen52 & #GReddy in black.

The first generation of the real SUV — the 1:1 — made its debut in 1951, and in 1960, the 40 Series was introduced. We actually saw that Hot Wheels model debut just a couple mixes ago, replacing the old FJ40 casting. This casting is based off the 80 series Land Cruiser which was produced from 1990 to 1997. It was, and still is, a popular vehicle for off-roading expeditions. Heck, two unmodified versions placed 1-2 in the 1996 Dakar Rally! This SUV is an overlander’s dream.

Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels Toyota Land Cruiser 80 from the 2021 Mainline / HW Hot Trucks Series, also part of the 2021 New Models (top view)

Our little Hot Wheels version definitely does the real car justice as there is a remarkable level of detail that went into this $1 vehicle. Hot Wheels Designer, Dmitriy Shakhmatov captured the essence of this vehicle beautifully. Every subtle line in the body is there including the 4 roof lines that sit behind the moon roof. Rub your finger over the top of them and it gives the casting a rigid feel. The SUVs blocky side mirrors are there along with a nicely-detailed spare in the rear.

Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels Toyota Land Cruiser 80 from the 2021 Mainline / HW Hot Trucks Series, also part of the 2021 New Models (rear view)

As far as what would have made this release better … not much. Honestly, can it get much better than this? The only thing I can think of is that detailed rear lights would have capped off a premium look to this basic-level release. The front grille is tampo’d on and looks great. It is pretty much the reason I expect this release to be popular among collectors down the road. The fact that it is tucked behind the front brush guard, and you can still read the silver “TOYOTA” across the front is amazing. What is even cooler is that the skinnier #Baja 5-Spoke Wheels sit nicely within the fenders and give this car an excellent silhouette from all angles.

If you haven’t found the #Toyota Land Cruiser 80 yet, check retail as the #2021 Hot Wheels “N” case assortments are hitting now. I have a feeling once you get this one in your hand, you’ll be enamored by it. Let’s see where Hot Wheels takes this one in 2022. Any recommendations for paint and/or deco? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. My only question is how quick can they get the metal base tooled up this casting and get it into Premium/Car Culture lines??!

  2. Err there is one more detail one could wish for. Plastic/glazed headlights. i.e. As an extension of the same clear plastic piece that produces the windows. Majorette can do this at this end of the market, why not Mattel? In fact, maybe Mattel is starting to do it. Did I spot glazed headlights on a recent Ford GT40 model? I think so. Please Mattel, roll that out to more mainline cars, including this one. Thanks for reading.

    • You mean where the headlights are part of the window piece? I do like that as well, but it doesn’t look good on all castings. Also, those castings tend to wear out quickly, causing the casting to not fit together properly, and that is never a good look. I think the tampo’d headlights look great in this instance.

  3. Great Article Brad! Yes, this is an outstanding truck for a buck. The side mirrors sure add to it. I’m not a fan of battleship grey on vehicles but I’ll pick one up when it get released in another color.

  4. Thanks for the write up. When I first saw this SUV, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to get it. But your article convinced me otherwise and I had to go out and find it. I just found one of these recently and the only thing that I wish that they had done was to make the rear spare tire the same as the ones on the car like they did with the Land Rover Defender 90.

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