Hot Wheels iD arrives at Walmart; Retailer lists upcoming releases for 2020/2021

8/6/2020 — A preliminary list of 2020/2021 #Hot Wheels iD has been found online through Walmart’s online inventory system. Early lists like this are often incomplete as specific models in them can be replaced with others, or even be discontinued as a whole. Still, it’s nice to see what is possibly coming from a line where there have been no new updates since March.

As stated in the Q&A article I did with iD marketing for HWC (RLC members only), Walmart will now be carrying the line at the reduced price-point of $4.97 — which some collectors have already started finding on Walmart’s new fall reset. A packaging change is imminent so look for that as well.

A list of cars that were found is below. Of course, some of the names are incomplete so it makes it hard to decipher exactly what the models are. With that said, which ones on the list strike you as interesting? Must-haves? Notice any trends?

Upcoming Hot Wheels iD releases (UPC)

  • Time Attaxi (88796178799)
  • Audi R8 (88796178777)
  • Audi R8 (88796185671)
  • BTTF Time Machine (88796178812)
  • HW50 Concept (88796178797)
  • DJ-Xpress (88796178814)
  • ’18 Spyder (88796178793)
  • Bone Shaker (88796178781)
  • Darth Vader (88796185689)
  • Justice League Batmobile (88796185686)
  • Batmobile (88796185734)
  • Batmobile (88796185691)
  • Batmobile (88796178810)
  • ’56 Chevy (88796185707)
  • ’67 Firebird (88796185693)
  • ’18 Honda Civic (88796185728)
  • ’66 Pontiac GTO (88796185720)
  • NAME TBD (88796197634)
  • ’69 Corvette (88796178803)
  • ’16 Mercedes-AMG GT (88796185713)
  • Nissan Fairlady Z (88796185722)
  • Track Manga (88796185727)
  • ’16 Lamborghini Centenario Roadster (88796185744)
  • Rig Heat (88796185670)
  • Ford Raptor (88796185683)
  • Aston Martin V8 Vantage (88796185694)
  • Joker Shaker (88796185684)
  • ’95 Mazda RX-7 (88796185710)
  • Nissan Silvia (88796185679)
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R (88796185723)
  • Buns of Steel (88796185716)
  • WC Flyer (88796185717)
  • Speed Dozer (88796185737)
  • Sting Rod (88796185715)
  • Ford RS200 (88796185729)
  • NAME TBD (88796189931)
  • Subaru BRZ (88796185668)
  • ’16 Bugatti Chiron (88796185674)
  • NAME TBD (88796185674)
  • X-Steam (88796185701)
  • Gotta Go (88796185733)
  • 918 Spyder (88796185678)
  • Corvette (88796185676)
  • ’12 Ford Fiesta (88796185697)

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  1. Standing at Walmart now waiting because my walmart hasn’t put the sets in the system. So they won’t allow me to purchase them.

  2. I’ll be lucky if i see those at walmart by christmas. We still haven’t gotten the zamac editions yet. As a matter of fact hot wheels/matchbox shelves in walmarts and targets near me have been almost completely empty.

    • Yeah.. seems like Target has been better at stocking inventory for HW’s & MBX. Target had the brand new MBX Retro, HW’s F & F Spy Racers, Relica Entertainment Mix 2, & they had Wild Terrain… WM had the F & F Garage set, F & F Motor City cars but not a whole lot, but both Target & WM are behind in mainlines but Target is just starting with L cases…

  3. So, this means we will no longer be able to buy this cheaper IDs through amazon? will this be walmart exclusive?

    • YES!!! Thats my favorite thing about iD… seeing cars that normally wouldn’t get premium treatment in spectraflame paint and full detail!

      • Yes it’s nice to see some unlicensed castings getting some love, like the Gotta Go and HW50. But I hope they don’t get too liberal with it. X-Steam? Yeesh! I would hate for some to become peg warmers, leading them to cut out unlicensed castings altogether.

  4. I hope both Shakers are production cars. Also glad to see the Gotta Go. I’m gonna race the s#!t outta that one.

  5. Thanks for the list of upcoming ID cars brad. I’ve been searching for news like this for awhile. I managed to find out about a few of these, and have pictures of a few. I’m super excited for the brz, i hope they do a 22b release as well. I mostly collect subaru castings of all flavors. I wish hot wheels would do as many of the subaru models tomica has.

  6. Hey, I thought when I first saw these cars they had real riders on them..but now, just plastic wheels…anybody observing the same or am I mis-remembering all-to-gether?

  7. I see a lot of non-track type cars on this list. Hope they don’t become pegwarmers, like the Solid Muscle did in my area. It’s the only i.d. car to be found locally and there is a bunch of them.

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