The 2020 Hot Wheels iD MYSTERY MACHINE from SCOOB! does vary from last year’s release

If you’re collecting the Hot Wheels #Mystery Machine, it won’t be long before you find yourself in a sea of them. All, but one, have been painted in some form of green/aqua/turquoise paint and it can be very hard the differentiate which release is which when they are all loose. The same goes for other iconic #TV & Movie Cars like the #’66 Batmobile or BTTF Time Machine. There is only so much Hot Wheels is allowed to do with new releases of these, that you’ll often see them in some derivative of their original color, along with a wheel change. For basics, we’ve seen The Mystery Machine wear MC5, 5SP, and J5 wheels; and for premium, there seems to be a trade-off between RR4SP and RRLW5 wheels. The Super Treasure Hunt release was the lone release to have RR5SP wheels thus far, and as far as #Hot Wheels iD is concerned… well, you’re pretty much stuck with the #iD5 Wheels.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Mystery Machine from the 2020 Hot Wheels iD line. Amazon Exclusive release for the SCOOB! movie.

Since #The Mystery Machine was released just last year in the inaugural series of #Hot Wheels iD, it is a little surprising that not much changed from 2019 to 2020. Color-wise, the Hot Wheels iD line is tied into its own palette of #Spectraflame Paint choices, and there really isn’t anything close to the spectraflame aqua this car needed to be. Plus, the 2020 release was an #Amazon Exclusive that was intended to be tied into the SCOOB! (2020) movie premiere in May, but yeah… COVID-19 happened. The car didn’t end up going on sale until late June. Despite it being produced in a very similar fashion as the 2019 HW Screen Time release, the vehicle has repeatedly gone in- and out-of-stock on Amazon.

So what is different about this release you say?

Well, no need to get out your magnifying glass as the pics below prove the details are subtle… very subtle. The first being that the wording on the tires of the #iD5 Wheels is different. Since all standard #Hot Wheels iD cars wear the name of their series on their wheels, the 2020 release lists “SCOOB!” as its series as this is a special release. Even the packaging states, “SCOOBY-DOO 01/01”. This obviously varies from the 2019 release which has “SCREEN TIME” due to its inclusion in the HW Screen Time series.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Mystery Machine from the 2020 Hot Wheels iD line. Amazon Exclusive release for the SCOOB! movie (compared with 2019 HW Screen Time release, close up of wheels)

Yeah, it almost seems like a waste to pick up another and if I was casually collecting this vehicle, I probably wouldn’t have. However, as a collector of the Hot Wheels #Mystery Machine, every little variant counts. What I didn’t realize until The Mystery Machine was in-hand was that the 2020 release does not have the #Hot Wheels iD logo the 2019 release has on the rear quarter-panel. Below you can see the 2020 release on the left, and the 2019 on the right.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Mystery Machine from the 2020 Hot Wheels iD line. Amazon Exclusive release for the SCOOB! movie (compared with 2019 HW Screen Time release)

As far as differences go, that is it. I know, nothing significant, but there are some. If you’re keeping the two in the packaging, there are the obvious text differences there, but with the top-down view, these subtle changes aren’t visible. The 2020 release is still worth putting into your collection if you collect #Variations or #The Mystery Machine in general. It is anyone’s guess if Amazon will be getting more in, so you may have to grab one off eBay if this article turns you onto picking one up. Be careful not to grab the Series 1 one from 2019.

QUICK LINK! Find the 2020 SCOOB! Mystery Machine on eBay

One of my favorite #Mystery Machines is the Super #Treasure Hunt release of it. Not because of the fact that it is a super treasure hunt, but more so to do with the fact that it has its own unique color paint compared to the rest of the releases thus far, along with also being the only release to wear #Real Riders 5-Spoke Wheels. You can see how the “spectraflame” on that release varies from the #Hot Wheels iD releases, below — clearly more of a dark green color. I actually prefer the paint that was used on the iD releases, but the STH release now has one of the more distinguishable looks in the sea of Hot Wheels Mystery Machines.

QUICK LINK! Find the 2017 Super Treasure Hunt release on eBay

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Mystery Machine from the 2020 Hot Wheels iD line. Amazon Exclusive release for the SCOOB! movie (compared with 2017 Super Treasure Hunt release)

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  1. Yes! Brad does keep some pieces on the card! Haha,.. I’m kidding, it’s awesome you share your openers with us whom usually don’t free these beauties. I was fortunate to snag the convention zamac for an awesome price last year before the COVID boom. A piece I too have on the card and would love to see freed and on full display. This isn’t a casting I have many of but the super and convention one are MUST haves! Thanks for sharing Brad!

  2. I managed to snag a Scoob version for retail price on Amazon. Just bookmarked the page and checked every hour while I was on the computer at work. Easy peasy. Thanks for the article!

  3. Thanks for the info BRAD. I bought the 5 car mixed Id with theScreen Time on tires and HW ID symbol or the rear panel at the HW store a few weeks ago. I paid $34.99 for mines. I also bought a $10 HW pin. Would not have known the difference until I read your article. On the auction sites the writeup say SCOOB but after looking hard I see Screen Time on mines plus it is the darker color. Now I will be looking out for the SCOOB one. I also know now that the SCOOB one is light colored one.I am not an opener and so mines are still in the box for now. Again thanks for the Headsup.

  4. I got this and the bugatti chiron on pre-order. Still looking for info on the ford RS200, Honda civic type r, charger R/T chase car, and why apple website says there are no products in stock when they had track sets and about 6 different cars a month ago.

    • I’m not sure if sharing links is ok,it can be found on amazon. i received my mystery machine earlier than the pre order said. I still have not gotten the bugatti shipping notification though.

  5. I am finding that the Series 2 Sccob Mystery Machine scans into the ID mobile app as a Series 1 even though there is a Series 2 listed in the app. Is anyone else seeing this issue?

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