HOT WHEELS NEWS from the 2020 New York Toy Fair: iD price drop, Tesla Cybertruck, and Fast & Furious Spy Racers

2/24/2020 — 2020 Toy Fair is currently underway in New York. The 4-day show (Feb. 22-25) started on Saturday and Hot Wheels picked up the “Toy of the Year” award in the Vehicle Category for their Hot Wheels Mario Kart vehicles coming out of the gate. In addition to Hot Wheels picking up the award, the brand unveiled new details surrounding its #Hot Wheels iD line. There were also announcements that dealt with Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck and a new line for Netflix’s #Fast & Furious Spy Racers. If you missed it, OTD has you covered. Catch up with the details below.

Hot Wheels iD

Tech blog, Engadget is reporting that #Hot Wheels iD is becoming more affordable with a new $120 smart track and that the standard iD cars will be $5. The core smart track appears to be a tad smaller than the $180 Smart track in 2019, but it’s a mild concession given the price difference. iD cars themselves will apparently by $5 now which is down $2 from their 2019 price-point of $7 each. That is great news for the collectors! No word yet on what has been done to the cars and/or packaging to allow for the price drop.

In 2020, #Hot Wheels iD looks to expand. 100+ cars will be offered compared to the 51 that were released in the line’s inaugural year. More track/play sets will be retro-fitted with the technology and promises of new product were made for diecast racing fans. Perhaps the biggest announcement though was that the Tesla Cybertruck will be joining the iD line in 2020 per Engadget.

Tesla Cybertruck

The most viral car unveiling of last year was of Tesla’s Cybertruck. This was mostly caused by the popularity of the truck’s polarizing design. Mattel is certainly looking the replicate the excitement of the Cybertruck through Hot Wheels as we already know that the truck will appear in the #Hot Wheels iD line, and as 1:10 and 1:64 scale RC cars — and you have to imagine that a mainline and/or premium release can’t be too far off.

The pre-order for the $400 1:10 Cybertruck RC vehicle has already concluded as it now reads “sold out” in the shop. The 1:64 scale RC car though is still for sale at the drastically smaller price-point of $20. Get yours today before that one is gone too.

Fast & Furious Spy Racers

Hot Wheels & Universal clearly have big ideas when it comes to product surrounding the #Fast & Furious franchise. We already know of several sets of Fast & Furious vehicles coming out in Hot Wheels premium, in addition to the new 2020 basic-level 5-pack and the #Walmart Exclusive 5-Car Themed Entertainment Assortment. Netflix’s Fast & Furious Spy Racers is a brand new animated series meant to appeal to the youth of today and Hot Wheels wants a part of that too. We just took a look at the first car from that series — the Ion Motors Thresher — the other day, and that will be joined by the Astana Hotto in the HW Screen Time mainline segment later in the year.

The announcement comes in the form of Spy Racers getting its own line under the Hot Wheels brand. In addition to the basic cars, we will see Spy Racers with moving parts ($1.50), the Drag Race Eliminator Track Set ($19.99), and the Spy Command Hauler with built-in spy lair ($24.99), all available this fall according to


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  1. Great news about the iD Series. Really looking forward to another year of hunting all those. I know you will keep us updated on all the cool new stuff coming out.

  2. The 1:10 cyber truck was not allocated for my RLC budget. So I will slip the 1:64 RC one in tomorrow when I reup for my RLC Membership for the 16 straight year. I cannot believe it’s been that long.That cyber truck is BA. Fingers 🤞🏾tomorrow for the RLC Membership car & the Cyber Truck. Thanks for the HEADSUP BRAD. I wish all well tomorrow.

  3. Lots of great new hotwheels coming out for 2020.👍I will be on the hunt for all of those and I can’t wait to add all of those to my hotwheels collection. 👍

  4. The Cybertruck is terrible primitive design that should not be celebrated. A drunken 5 year old could have designed something better…in the dark…It looks like a background prop hastily designed by a junior PA for a low budget sci-i flick from the 80’s depicting a future set in 2020. Utter garbage.

  5. I agree Carlos! That Cyber Truck is so ugly it looks like it was designed by a robot. Even 80’s cars/trucks had more curves that that JOKE of a design. I think it was a joke by the Tesla design team and their ignorant, humorless, bosses believed it was an actual real design! I wouldn’t even park next to that ugly thing if it ever comes to reality!

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