Tooned (2020 New Model): RV THERE YET

File this under: straight-wacky. The brand-new, Hot Wheels #RV There Yet has just been released and it already has the collectors talking. This wacky car & camper combo is truly unique. It features a cartoony hatchback with an equally cartoony camper on back — hence why it is in the #Tooned Series for 2020.

#RV There yet is clearly a play on the phrase, “Are we there yet?”, which is commonly muttered by all children on any kind of road trip — or if you’re my daughter, a 20 minute drive to the other side of town.

The casting itself is presented in a way that it looks to have 3 axles, however the rear wheels on the car portion (“middle axle”) are actually not real at all. If you’re a Hot Wheels nerd like myself, and you’ve been following the manufacturing process of Hot Wheels mainline vehicles, you’ll know that mainline automation in Malaysia has changed a few things. One of those things is the modification/elimination of any #Castings with 3+ Axles. To make this casting automation compatible, the #RV There Yet was designed in a way that allows for the wheels to be tampo’d onto the sides. A quick look at the base and you’ll see there are nothing more than a pair of tabs at the bottom.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels RV There Yet from the 2020 Tooned series … also part of the 2020 New Models (base view)

So while I imagine the collector segment would most certainly love that third axle to not be false, given the current mainline manufacturing process, a casting as unique as this would not be possible in the current era. Getting something like this made a truly a designer feat so mad props goes out to its designer, Lindsey Lee. Her out-of-the-box, creative thinking churned out a funky little car/camper combo for a buck!

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels RV There Yet from the 2020 Tooned series … also part of the 2020 New Models (side view)

Lets be clear: I don’t expect the #RV There Yet to be a collector-favorite any time soon. I don’t expect it to be rise up the ranks to the point that collectors are buying every single release off the pegs, BUT I do believe that collectors and kids will respond well to this one. Its kooky, fun and has a ton of personality; and being that it is an #Unlicensed Hot Wheels design, a ton can be done with it from a graphics standpoint.

This #First Edition of the #RV There Yet from the 2020 #Tooned Series release comes in red (car, plastic) and pearl white (camper, metal). Besides the tampo’d #5-Spoke Wheels on the sides, the other graphics include a white and gold striping pattern on the car, along with various “bumper sticker” graphics. The Hot Wheels logo, Camping and HW Road Trippin’ ones appear on both sides, whereas the diner one only appears on the driver’s side.

The second release has already been shown by Mattel by way of the convention in October, and that release will be blue/gray. Look for this one at retail now as the 2020 B cases should be hitting very soon. To see a list of the other #2020 New Models, check out the OTD 2020 New Models Tracker.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels RV There Yet from the 2020 Tooned series … also part of the 2020 New Models (reverse view)

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  1. I like the RV There Yet! It gets people talking about the unique design and this fits perfectly in the Tooned mini set. The Rockin’ Santa Sled is another unique design seen this year. Keep them coming!

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