Pre-Order 2020 Hot Wheels PEARL & CHROME cases now from GameStop

10/24/2019 — GameStop recently made waves in the Hot Wheels collecting world when it was announced that they would be holding a Collector Day Event on November 2nd. While collectors are anticipating what the event will look like and how it will be run, GameStop has put up a PRE-SALE for 24-count cases of the 2020 Pearl & Chrome series. Just like the Black & Gold (2018) and Satin & Chrome (2019) series, Pearl & Chrome will feature six cars with the anniversary year of “52” on the sides. Also, there will be a chase piece as well. The list of cars is below. CLICK HERE for a link to the pre-sale on GameStop’s web site. At the time of this article going live, the expected release date is still to be determined. Keep checking back for an update on that.

Pearl and Chrome β€’ GameStop

  1. Muscle Speeder
  2. ’32 Ford
  3. Fast-Bed Hauler
  4. ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser
  5. ’68 Corvette – Gas Monkey Garage
  6. Volkswagen T2 Pickup
    Gazella GT

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  1. if the case is 24 and there is a chase, how many chases are in a case I wonder, since 6 goes into 24 an even 4 times.

  2. I placed an order 11/3 and got a confirmation, but the website now says THIS ITEM IS CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE, I’m hoping I don’t get a notice that I won’t be receiving the case. It was available to pre-order and I did get a confirmation so… fingers crossed.

    • I just got an email about my 2 cases. They told me that they were sold out!! Really??? How is that even possible!?!?!

    • I tried 3 different cards and it tells me “The transaction was declined and your basket has been deleted. Please use a different payment method or contact Customer Service.” I know my cards are good. I tried ordering 2 cases, then only one with the same results. I even used 2 different Internet browsers.

    • I called their 1 800 number. They said they are sold out. He didnt have an answer why I was experiencing the problem. Just kept saying it wasn’t available for purchase and to keep checking back.

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