GameStop to host next Hot Wheels Collectors Day Event on 11/2 (UPDATED 10/27)

10/15/2019 — An unusual partner has popped up to host the Hot Wheels Collectors Day Event that was traditionally held at Kmart: GameStop. GameStop is a huge video game store that also deals in consumer electronics and pop culture merchandise, and has carried Hot Wheels products for several years now. With 5,830 retail stores throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe, it boasts a huge market reach.

It is unclear at this moment how many stores will actually be holding the event that is currently scheduled for Saturday, November 2, 2019 at 9AM; so that information should be posted on soon. What we do know is that the event will have first to market 2020 “B” case assortments, and will feature special color variants of the last four cars for 2019. Those are listed below. Also, there is a mail-in promotion for the ’70 Chevelle Delivery and the details can be found >> HERE.

Make sure to check back here as this article will be updated with information and pictures as that becomes available.

GameStop Collectors Day Exclusives

  • ’69 Dodge Charger Daytona (orange) – 2019 HW Flames
  • ’91 Mazda MX-5 Miata (British racing green) – 2019 HW Speed Graphics
  • ’19 Ford Ranger Raptor (silver) – 2019 HW Hot Trucks
  • Jaguar XE SV Project 8 (blue) – 2019 Factory Fresh

UPDATED 10/16/2019 — ThinkGeek branded stores — a subsidiary of GameStop — will also be holding the event. Many of which have started posting that they will be opening an hour early on 11/2 to hold the event.

UPDATED 10/21/2019 (PART 1) — Gamestop has officially updated its website with event details, including the first-to-markets, exclusives, time and participating stores. Check out the event details on >>> HERE. Please note that some stores said they would open early at 9AM, while the official site says 10AM. You may want to confirm the start time with your participating store.

UPDATED 10/21/2019 (PART 2) — The link to the online cases can be found >> HERE. The expectation is that they will go on sale this Saturday, 10/26 at an undisclosed time.

UPDATED 10/27/2019 — Event cases went on sale via yesterday, and are still available. Click >> HERE to purchase!

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    • I stopped at 3 different gamestops today and as I assumed all 7 workers I talked to, not 1 had any idea of what I was talking of….I was told the only event scheduled at gamestop in the next 3 weeks is the release of call of duty…They also said they never open at 9 am, it is always 10 am….Why do I get a feeling of complete disaster??

      • We (employees) got confirmation about the event today. There will be an event locator on our website with participating locations. If you aren’t an avid collector it’s hard to know details about the event. Please be kind to the employees as we only know if information is posted via GameStop corporate. I found out from one of my regular guest otherwise I had zero inclination.


        Zero stores near garden grove, fullerton, anaheim, west covina, rowland heights, el monte are doing this event…????

      • was only 300 of the 3000 locations participating in the event.. The store manage at yer locations was NUMB… he could a got cases of these for you. My game stop got me 3 cases and i opened all them and bought them all 🙂 Legends tour car treasure hunts and first to market and all the game stop exclusives.

    • Not going,only at one place in my area has the event with like 10 other GameStop in the area people act to crazy for me fighting over $1 dollar cars and Threatening with guns y’all be safe!! People are crazy this day in time unfortunately

  1. Thanks for the head’s up. I will going to the hotwheels K-day event on Saturday November 2nd to get all of those new hotwheels gamestop exclusive cars and the first to market cars and my hotwheels for the mail-in 1970 chevelle SS delivery station wagon. 👍

    • Same here… both local stores had no idea what I was referring to. Said to check back as it gets closer. They don’t know what they’re doing…

  2. Great news, more stores should mean more opportunities for people to get a case. I’m hoping they will partake in Canada. Thanks again!

  3. This is great news as far as location availability! I’m curious as to how procedures will be communicated, most if not all GameStop stores are actually pretty small. If crowds turn out and the employees don’t have information on how to hold these it could get messy. Thank you for the heads up Brad! I’ll definitely be there

  4. I just called my local Game Stop, and I may have as well asked if they were having a baby shower that day. No idea anything about it. I asked if you could buy cases, and I may have well asked if they were going to sell lobsters. Let’s hope it gets better by Nov 2.

  5. Completely off the subject but is anyone else having a problem with I can’t sign in

  6. I talked with one store in my area, apparently only 300 stores are participating, mine said they were getting 10 cases. Not sure if it is the same as Kmart (each case contains 4 36 car cases) but every other detail sounds identical to the Kmart Kday event. The employee wasn’t sure about opening at nine, no details were sent on that information.

  7. If you use the store locator in the blue ad, only input the abbreviated letters for your state. If you type in your town or zip code, nothing appears.

  8. The search bar shown on the Gamestop site for searching for participating stores doesn’t work. I entered several zips and nothing works.

    • I tried to type in the abbreviated letters and hit enter, but didn’t work. As soon as you type, don’t click enter.. a list of stores will automatically pop up below the ‘blue ad’ box… I’m assuming the stores listed are ONLY the ones in your area which are participating retailers.

  9. Thanks dani c for understanding. This is a cut throat hobby and some people are just plain RUDE. With that being said, the cases go on sale on the 26th for 46.44.

  10. This 2020 case B with a Mix of A(2019 exclusives),B and C(first to market). Here my unofficial list on know cars from image on GS site (18 of 36) 2 Miata, 2 Jaguar SV, 2 69 Charger, 2 Raptor, BMW K1300, 96 Carrera, 68 Nova, 2 Jetz, Tooligan, Monkey Z50, City Turbo II, Indy Oval, Dune it Up, Sword Warthog, Cool-One

  11. The event today at my store was a joke. When the doors opened the cases were already open and dumped into the larger boxes rp they were shipped in. At least 1 hard core collector just turned around and left, he was very angry. Saw one Super, I didn’t get it. My store had 10 cases, 3 were not opened yet and when I asked if we could open them the 1 employee working went off saying I was being disrespectful, he then let the 15 people standing there that had already searched the piles he made open those 3 cases.

    I have a yellow sheet of instructions to each store that says the store should not open the cases.

  12. The GameStop near me opened the cases before the store opened and hung the cars on pegs on the wall behind the counter. Customers had to ask for each piece individually. The manager was very nice but said he really didn’t receive instructions on the event, and unfortunately could not let me go through his stock.
    Luckily for us there was no one there for the event so I was able to order the Ford GT $TH off the pegs and let my kiddo pick out a bunch of cars.
    I’ve been to one Kmart event before, so after he was done with all his video game customers I explained to him how that event was run.
    He thanked us for our patience and gave us each a poster for the Chevelle mail-in.

  13. Well, I had fun. Very well run by the manager, just like the best events at k-mart were. Sure, short on cases,10 cases for 10 people at 10 til 10, 1 showed at 1 til. Manager said “1st come, 1st served”. Latecomer was not at all visibly miffed, took it in stride like he should have. No tickets available to give out. 9 adults, 2 kids, 1 male 4yoa, 1 female 6yoa, mom said the boy wouldn’t be pulling cars. Guess who found the only super there? And she knew what to look for, too. Lots of E-sheets, at least 10. Discount for buying more than 20 cars, rang up $1.03, so not bad. Got free tote bag for buying 20 cars. Most of us bought at least 20 cars, so not many left on table. GREAT experience. Many kudos to manager and his (1) staff. He really paid attn. to the instructions provided to him, and asked for our input, which we were MORE than happy to provide. Looking forward to next event.

  14. So i was wondering these cases that are being sold online prior to event day, are these cases being sold n leaving that many less for the event day?🏁

  15. Does anyone know where the order form is for the ’70 CHEVELLE™ DELIVERY Promotion car? This is my first time with this sort of thing and can not figure it out.

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