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New tools make their debut in Hot Wheels Car Culture / Team Transport MIX F

Hot Wheels #Car Culture / Team Transport is really hitting its stride — you can tell. The first several cases were loaded up with collector-favorite cars being hauled by some pretty cool, new trucks. Collectors have responded well to the line. Now, we are starting to see the fruit of our collecting labor as we have our first vehicle casting to make its debut in the line in the #Jaguar Lightweight E-Type and our first two-car hauler in the #Ford C-800.

First things first: the packaging once again features some pretty remarkable art as the vehicle/hauler tandem continues, with both of these new releases set on different race tracks. Team Transport #14 features the #Jaguar Lightweight E-Type on top of a #Jaguar-themed #Carry On, while Team Transport #15 features a #Ford Drag Team pair in the #Custom ’64 Galaxie 500 on the #Ford C-800.

Team Transport #14 (Jaguar)

The #Carry On hauler makes its triumphant return. The #Jaguar Lightweight E-Type makes its debut. Meanwhile, both vehicles in Team Transport #14 wear British Racing Green paint. These are all cool facets of this #Jaguar racing team.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Jaguar Lightweight E-Type & Carry On from the 2019 Car Culture / Team Transport (Jaguar)

Carry On

After its debut release in mix A wearing an ADVAN livery, and carrying the ’69 Nissan Skyline Van, the #Carry On hauler is back for its sophomore release. It may not be making its debut like the hauler we’ll get to in a minute, but its a breath of fresh air since we haven’t seen it in so long. Technically, that was just last year, but with there being so many Sakura Sprinters (3) and Fleet Flyers (4) in between, the Carry On is a welcomed sight.

Just like its last release, it carries a vintage car. So, if there was a setting in which you would theoretically see this pair, it would be the modern-day as the #Carry On is definitely modeled after a newer style truck. Fortunately, it’s not branded so slapping an auto manufacturer like #Jaguar on the sides, isn’t a problem.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Carry On from the 2019 Car Culture / Team Transport (Jaguar)

Jaguar Lightweight E-Type

The #Mark Jones Designed, #Jaguar Lightweight E-Type couldn’t have had a better #First Edition release in my opinion. It comes in a period-correct deco with the blank white ovals over a British green racing body. The color itself looks great on just about every #Jaguar, but really has an elegant look while hugging the smooth curves of the E-Type body. The full-deco this car received does it an appropriate amount of justice as the casting is extremely detailed in itself.

Team Transport #15 (Ford Drag Team)

The #Ford Drag Team duo that makes up Team Transport #15 has a classic, American drag racing feel to it. That feeling stems from the packaging artwork all-the-way down to the vehicles themselves. The vintage graphics on these are remarkable. The only problem with a two-car hauler having only one matching car is that collectors will begin to yearn for a second Ford Drag Team vehicle to put on top.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Custom ’64 Galaxie 500 & Ford C-800 from the 2019 Car Culture / Team Transport (Ford Drag Team)

Ford C-800

The #Ford C-800 is the first licensed hauler we’ve seen in #Car Culture / Team Transport since the #Volkswagen Transporter T1 Pickup. While it is certainly cool to have another licensed hauler in the line, it feels like there is a slim-to-no chance this hauler is hauling anything besides a #Ford. That could pose a problem, however, it increases the chance that we will see a companion piece to this deco in an upcoming premium line. I mean, how cool would it be to have another vintage Ford casting wear this livery so you have a different piece to stack on top.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Ford C-800 from the 2019 Car Culture / Team Transport (Ford Drag Team)

It will not be the last time we see the #Ford C-800, as a Castrol Motor Oil release was sneaked at the 33rd Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention by Mattel. That release will come with the #’16 Ford GT Race and be released sometime in 2020.

Custom ’64 Galaxie 500

Talk about a triumphant return, the #Custom ’64 Galaxie 500 is back in the premium range after an 8-year layoff. The casting’s last premium release came back in 2011 as part of the Vintage Racing line. I was never a fan of the deco on that one so I never picked it up. This release, however, has a very appropriate vintage #Ford Drag Team livery and is by far the best release of the casting so far. I have always been a fan of the air duct in the front grill of this casting and the dual-exhaust coming out the back, and to see the full-deco finally support that casting detail is a nice treat.

The million-dollar question lately is usually something along the lines of: “So where can I get these?” The answer to that is that I haven’t seen them appear at retail in the United States yet. So, if you’d like to get your hands on these two newest Team Transport (TT) releases, a hobby dealer is your best bet. Several have these in stock, however if you’re buying by the case code (“F” case assortment), be forewarned that you only get one of each, while the other two releases in the box will be the Nissan TT (Nissan Fairlady Z & Sakura Sprinter) and the NISMO TT (Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) & Aero Lift).

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  1. I am impatiently waiting for mine to arrive in the mail! The E-Type is stellar in British Racing Green! And I am a big fan of the ’64 Galaxie in any series, colors, scale (yes scale, there are both 1/87th and 1/50th versions by Hot Wheels!). The Ford Racing livery is perfect for this car! The haulers are really jut the “sprinkles on top” for me!

  2. Great to see proper British Racing green releases. I’m still debating the proper method for how you would load 2nd car on the upper ramp of the C-800. Can’t seem to find any reference images of a double deck ramp truck that might inspired the design team. Either way, great addition to the Team Transport series and have taken their spots among my “open” collection.

  3. I love love love these two. That C800/Galaxie set is my personal model of the year for me. What takes it from cool to cooler is ‘THE GOING THING’ on the side which was Ford’s slogan for 1969 in USA and 1970 here one Aus, they had a jingle for it, look it up on YouTube. Super corny and catchy! I may be biased but I like the Aussie one better! Haha

  4. Does anyone know of the Ford C-800 was based on a real transporter? I’ve never see one with that see-saw ramp set-up

    • Hi, I love this rig too. I thought it was a fantasy design, but did some digging on google on 11/7/19. Google “shelby cobra transport truck”, then click the images button below. You will see some cool pics of real and models. Take it from there. AC Cobras were really small and light, so loading two seems good to me. The Hot Wheels truck just did the see saw ramp to take on bigger cars, I guess. The real truck had that see saw, but it was lower and not as bulky. Maybe display a couple of shelby cobras on it? Definitely NOT for a big ass car like the Galaxie. Still very cool though. Check out exotos website for their larger scale items. Cool photos of shelby americans on Google.

  5. Hot Wheels did the Cobra truck as a dumb see-saw when it was not. The ramp was lifted by two side hydraulic rams not modeled on the Hot Wheel. Then when fully lifted with the car strapped on, the ramp was secured in the tilted up position by fastening in a horizontal support bar underneath where Hot Wheel’s see-saw is placed. It’s a sharp model otherwise, but lazy, Matchbox did plenty of Super King size trucks and heavy equipment with simple moving hydraulic rams.

  6. Just found them today at target only 1 of ford galaxie 500 & with ford c 500 >> also found nissian skyline gt-r with areo lift cars eat the look realistic …well details on both packages they are a smash hit..not opening until I find two more ..keepers for life ..very little tempos on nissian which is very cool finds team transport #12 # 15

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