SNEAK PEEK of the Souvenir Cars for the 33rd Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention in Los Angeles

7/18/2019 — The 33rd Annual Collectors Convention in Los Angeles is just a little over two and a half months away. Collectors Events Unlimited (CEU) — the team in charge of putting the Collectors & Nationals conventions on — have now sneaked the two souvenir cars for the 2019 installment of the event, which is to be held October 2nd to the 6th at the LAX Marriott. These images come courtesy of CEU’s Facebook page.

The first sneak peek was actually posted on July 4th, and is of the #Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34). Its actually the new version of the casting that has an #Opening Hood. This one comes in yellow and has full-detail, with the event insignia on top of the spoiler.

The second sneak peek was posted today, and is of the #Custom ’62 Chevy Truck. It comes in dark blue with a #Union 76 livery and removable #surfboard, and should pair well with the Volkswagen Drag Bus from April’s Nationals Convention.

Both of these cars are welcomed surprises to the convention lineup as its the first time we have seen either as a #Convention Exclusive. If “first-time convention castings” ends up being a theme for the 33rd Annual Collectors Convention, we are in for a treat. Looking forward to see what else comes our way. More in October…

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  1. Hey Brad…Has there been any news on a RLC ‘non-party’ party at the convention? I see a car sale is scheduled for Friday but don’t really see much else. Anything you can share??

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