An awesome, new way to DISPLAY your loose Hot Wheels TEAM TRANSPORT, MONSTER TRUCKS and other premium cars

7/18/2019 — Among the Amazon Prime Day madness that started late last week, I found myself an innovative solution to displaying my collection of Hot Wheels Car Culture / Team Transport releases. See, I love collecting these transporters but a problem arose when it came to displaying them loose as none of my wall displays (Carney 108 ct. Case, Hot Wheels Display Case, etc.) fit these oversized behemoths. These premium Hot Wheels are way too cool to keep stored away, and thats what I found myself doing every time I would get the next wave: storing them.

Enter the Acrylic Display Case by IKEE Designnot to be confused with the Scandinavian retail chain, Ikea. These crystal-clear, 5-shelf acrylic display cases  were originally intended to display shot glasses but their 2.5″ high compartments are perfect for displaying those loose Team Transport Haulers, and even better for displaying the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Car Culture / Team Transport, Monster Trucks and other premium vehicles in Acrylic Display Cases by IKEE

The shelves are made from some very solid, sturdy acrylic and are held in place by ledges on both sides and in the back. They are removable so you can take them out if you have an item that requires additional height. The door swings open and is held shut by a small magnet. Each case comes with a mounting kit.

As you can see, these IKEE Display Cases are ideal for displaying your larger Hot Wheels in a multitude of ways. I liked that you can opt to display up to two Team Transporters per shelf, OR one with the ramp down and the car being unloaded. Also, you can group like liveries together (see Advan & Gas Monkey Garage examples below) which is always neat to see since all of these liveries have had additional releases in other lines.

Currently, these display cases are for sale on Amazon for $35.99 & Free Shipping. I feel like that is a stellar price considering the quality of these. If you do decide to get one of these, let me know how you like it and what you chose to display in it. Feel free to tag me on Instagram (@orangetrackdiecast) if you have pics to share.

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  1. Those are cool display cases to display your bigger cars congrats. 👍 I will get one of these if any stores get these in.👍

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