CEU unveils the SECOND 19th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals Convention Souvenir Car

2/9/2019 — It may be the weekend, and it may be cold here in the United States, but Jennifer & Mark at Collectors Events Unlimited have provided a glimpse of spring by unveiling the second souvenir car for this year’s Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals in Lombard, Illinois. This sneak comes in addition to the one they provided on January 16th which contained the Custom Camaro in pink. Starting April 3rd, convention goers at the 19th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals event will be able to purchase (an assumed limit of) three per paid ticket as this #Volkswagen Drag Bus in #Union 76 livery is limited to 5,000 pieces.

Orange Track Diecast

Volkswagen Drag Bus in Union 76 livery from the 19th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals Convention (2019). Image courtesy of Collectors Events Unlimited.

The Hot Wheels #Volkswagen Drag Bus was easily the most popular Hot Wheels casting for the better part of two decades. Its debut in the 1996 First Editions caused a commotion, which was essentially unheard of at the time. Up until a couple years ago, it seemed as though any time one went on sale, it was an event. These days, it seems the VW Bus has been overtaken by the #JDM and #Gasser castings of the Hot Wheels world, as many collectors have had enough of the famous “billboard casting”. This one is just that however: a billboard. In 2019, liveries are in, and this one features a very well-done #Union 76 livery. Could this release turn the newer Hot Wheels collector crowd onto the VW Bus? We shall see, come this April, in Lombard, Illinois.

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  1. in dallas last year, they have an event on sunday that people could come out, pay 5 dollars, and buy some of the hot wheels. are they gonna have it in here too?

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