Hot Wheels bringing four SDCC Exclusives to San Diego Comic Con in 2019

6/17/2019 — PRE-ORDER for the Hot Wheels San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) began earlier today for those attending the event. Within minutes, the pre-orders sold out. This year’s crop of #SDCC Exclusives features Metal Mario from the brand-new, Hot Wheels Die-Cast Mario Kart line, a premium #’89 Batmobile, and two new tools in the Spider Machine and the TMNT Party Wagon.

As with past #SDCC Exclusives, the packaging steals the show with these releases as these are typically Hot Wheels that even loose collectors prefer packaged: the artwork is amazing! If the pre-sales were any indication, this year’s batch will be in high demand.

Hot Wheels Marvel Spider Machine GP-7 • $15

First came the Spider-mobile, now we get the Spider Machine GP-7. I am unfamiliar with this car, but the packaging clues you into the notion that this may have been something only seen in the Japanese markets.

Image courtesy of Mattel.

Hot Wheels Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Wagon • $20

As a kid who grew up watching the original TMNT series on TV, the Party Wagon is a must-have for me. By the looks of it, even all four Turtles are part of the casting’s interior. Also, the TMNT Party Wagon comes in a “sewer canister” that will bring back memories of the old “oil can” packaging the #100% Hot Wheels used to come in. This is one that I will be featuring on OTD in the near future — provided I can get my hands on one!

Hot Wheels Armored Batmobile Set • $25

This set comes with the #’89 Batmobile, Batman Figure & Armor. The Batmobile is very reminiscent of the ones we’ve seen in the #Replica Entertainment line, but this is the first time we have seen the Bat Armor for it as Hot Wheels had only done it previously as part of the #100% Hot Wheels line.

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Metal Mario • $20

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  1. only cool one is the TMNT wagon, as well brings me to my chil;dhood in the late 80s early 90s , would love to get this the others are lame especialy the batmobile looks identical to the retro release from a few mos back

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