Collection Update

Collection Update: Hot Wheels iD adds another car to the ’15 MERCEDES-AMG GT casting collection; totaling 7 variants

Its been all #Hot Wheels iD this week. Rightfully so, as I can’t remember a Hot Wheels product launch this big. The cars and the track set are truly impressive, but I think the part that most collectors care about are how to integrate them into their collections. The good news is that Mattel didn’t decide to do this line with a new scale of cars. Instead, we were greeted with current mainline castings retro-fitted with NFC-chips, spectraflame paint and series-exclusive wheels. What does that all mean to us collectors? Well, it means, integration is seamless as these cars fit right-along-side your current casting collections — provided thats how you collect. Cardboard collectors may have other problems. πŸ˜‰

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’15 Mercedes-AMG GT from the 2019 Hot Wheels iD / Speed Demons (package view)

The addition of the #Hot Wheels iD #’15 Mercedes-AMG GT (labeled as a 2016 for this release) brings the total number of variants for this casting collection to seven — sans any hard to find variants that I am unaware of. Its quite the impressive lineup for a casting that made its debut in 2017. Before Hot Wheels iD, the casting had been released exclusively in the mainline. The gold and orange variants were part of the HW Exotics for 2017, the green and black were Nightburnerz for 2018, white was a 2018 Red Edition, and the satin gray one was a 2019 HW Screen Time release — as a replica of the car driven in The Fate of the Furious (2017). As you can see, the Hot Wheels iD / Speed Demons release in Spectraflame Black, fits right in with this group of GTs with minimal graphics and fully-detailed front ends.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’15 Mercedes-AMG GT casting collection, family photo (June 2019)

Think you’ve seen that deco on the iD GT before?

Ha! You are simply recalling the 2019 Car Culture / Open Track release of the #’16 Mercedes-AMG GT3 which came in a similar racing scheme, and metalflake gray paint. Together, they make an outstanding pairing, making it hard to decide which to display the iD car with.

But do I really have to decide?Β 

The #Hot Wheels iD #’15 Mercedes-AMG GT just came out and is still available at Apple Stores and here in the United States. The $7 price-point may seem steep for a car that will just sit in your collection, but the execution is on par with most super treasure hunts, and this is a limited run — time for another!

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’15 Mercedes-AMG GT from the 2019 Hot Wheels iD / Speed Demons with the 2019 Car Culture / Open Track ’16 Mercedes-AMG GT3

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  1. Apparently a few of the “real car castings” will receive “upsloped chins” for track playability, and this is one of them. Fortunately on the AMG GT is discreet enough to not look wrong next to the others (even if the original looks definetly better). But makes me afraid the retool may be permanent or if the “upsloped chin” will start plaguing the regular cars again… (Still waiting for a deserved base retool of the Aston Vantage GT3…)

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