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Retail Now: Target getting in Hot Wheels Premium “Easter Sidekicks”

3/15/2019 — If you’re looking to get caught up on the Hot Wheels Premium lines, it would be wise of you to check your local Target store as they are putting out Easter Sidekicks that have some of the latest 2019 Hot Wheels Premium line series: Car Culture / Open Track, Pop Culture / Disney, #Replica Entertainment and #Fast & Furious / Fast Imports. Granted, it would have been better if #Fast & Furious / Original Fast and Pop Culture / X-Men were in these, if does offer you the chance to get Car Culture / Open Track if your pegs are inundated with Car Culture / Gulf Racing, like my local stores. This latest wave of Replica Entertainment has the Railroad Time Machine, Dr. Strange Lambo and the Project Cars 2 Acura NSX, so if you are still looking for these — or maybe a second set — Target should have you covered.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Premium Easter Shipper at a Houston-area Target (March 2019)

To stay up-to-date with the latest cars from the Hot Wheels Premium lines, make sure you are following the 2019 HOT WHEELS PREMIUM LINE TRACKER here on OTD. Updates are coming soon!

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  1. yuck, what a lame sidekick assortment , would of been better if the new team transports and like you said the next wave of F and F original fast cars were in this…. most stores are clogged with open track , i still need the skyline only one im getting from that set

  2. Still haven’t seem any of these for the first time. Went to 2 Target’s today. No premium lines whatsoever, basics don’t have anything past C case. All of the stores I’ve been to in the area (2 more Targets, 4 Kmarts, 3 Walmarts) are all the same story. Would love to get my hands on anything in that pic…

  3. *Some Targets are getting these. Luckily there’s nothing we collect in those sets, aside from the Disney VW but we can’t afford over $6 for 1 car anyway.

  4. I came across these Wednesday afternoon. Picked up the Open Track set, the BTTF Delorean, Strange Lambo and even though I’ve never been a big Pop Culture fan I got the A100 for the beautiful color and the ’77 Dodge van because a dragon on the side. Already had the F&F. Also picked up some Target Retro and Matchbox.

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