So thats where the GREEN ’71 DATSUN BLUEBIRD 510 WAGON will show up… (UPDATED 3/25)

3/14/2019 — For months collectors have seen images of a satin green ’71 Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon floating around the internet. Many have speculated when and where this car was going to show up… and from what I’ve heard, it was originally suppose to be a promotional mail-in car, then it was suppose to be used for a different promotion — both of which never happened. That was 2018, and all of the blister cards had to be reprinted because they originally had the 50th Anniversary logo on them. Its been a long path full of rumors and speculation, but none of that matters now as we finally have our answer from Mattel as to where this car that famously recolors the 2014 Super Treasure Hunt, will show up: Walmart … at the Hot Wheels Legends Tour events.

For those of you that do not know, the Hot Wheels Legends Tour is back for 2019 and the list of dates/stops can be found here. This satin green ’71 Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon will be found in the Hot Wheels Vending Machine Truck, during the events. Last year, if you spent $20 on Hot Wheels product inside the hosting Walmart store, you got a chance to do a vending machine “pull”. Expect the promotion to be similar.

This is probably heart-breaking news for those collectors that are nowhere near a Hot Wheels Legends Tour event stop, so hopefully this isn’t the only capacity in which these cars will be available. But for now, collectors have their answer — FINALLY! — as to where that mysterious satin green ’71 Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon, will show up!

UPDATED 3/15/2019 — In addition to being in the vending machine, these will be available for sale in the vending truck — in addition to the Legends Tour — at 80+ stops around the country, for $20 each. List of those 80+ vending truck locations to come.

UPDATED 3/25/2019 — To find out if the Hot Wheels Vending Truck is coming to a Walmart near you, CHECK OUT THIS WEBSITE, to plug in your zip code.

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  1. Mattel should be selling them directly or giving them away! Not the vending machine. Again more B.S. from Mattel!

  2. When the tour got to Va last year, the closet stop to me, they were sold out of the zamac mail in Blazer. Im sure these will be gone by the time they get near me again this year. Oh well.

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