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Fast & Furious wave 2 “ORIGINAL FAST” is here! Time to break out the collection again.

The Hot Wheels #Fast & Furious set I have been waiting 18 years for is finally here! The #Fast & Furious / Original Fast series features five cars from the original The Fast and the Furious (2001) movie. Its got three brand-new castings, and the other two make their premium debut! Oh, and that card art is downright astonishing. OTD is going Fast & Furious this week as we start it off looking at the whole series via this OTD YouTube video.

As always, thanks for watching and be sure to let us know what you think of the series!

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  1. Good video Brad, you may want to adjust the volume of the music though. It’s difficult to hear you over it.

    • Thanks for the feedback on that! I was worried that would be the case. It sounds great on the stereo headphones I use to edit with but figured it could get obnoxious if you’re listening via speakers. I will definitely tone it down for the next one.

  2. Funny, when you mention 18 yrs waiting, I think.. Hot Wheels is all about cars, so why did it take so long to produce models of one of the most iconic car movies of modern times?
    Makes you wonder if they’ll ever make premium models of the original orange Supra from 1st movie, or the burgundy Superbird & even the green ’67 Mustang for that matter! We can only hope~ Nice video!

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