Collection Update

Collection Update: Finished the Hot Wheels ’52 HUDSON HORNET casting collection!

The other day I completed my Hot Wheels #’52 Hudson Hornet collection with the addition of the standard blister pack variant of the #Hot Wheels Boulevard release — seen below (in front). Oddly enough, the first release I had of the casting was the other 2012 Boulevard release. It was that racing inspired variant, that was exclusive to the 2012 Hot Wheels Boulevard 30-Car Box Set, that I had originally gotten to be part of my #Hot Wheels Race Team collection. Together, its an awesome pairing of a stock/clean version of the Hudson along with one that is decked out for racing.

Orange Track Diecast

Both Boulvard releases of the Hot Wheels ’52 Hudson Hornet

Both cars are part of my Hot Wheels #’52 Hudson Hornet collection. Its a small collection that exists of a mere seven releases — considering the first 3 releases were in the casting’s first year (2012).

For the last several months, I’ve been trying to track down three of the releases you see below (2012 rewards, 2012 Boulevard & 2014 Cool Classics). None of these three are particularly hard to find, nor are they particularly popular among today’s collector consensus; SO, I figured I would wait for deals before I purchase these online or at shows. Deals I certainly got, but it did take several months of patience.

Orange Track Diecast

All seven releases of the Hot Wheels ’52 Hudson Hornet

In the end, it was certainly worth it to complete my #’52 Hudson Hornet casting collection. The casting itself is of one of my favorite cars of the 1950s, and despite the sample size to be small, its cool to see its releases span over three basics (one being a super treasure hunt), three adult premiums, and one ultra-premium in its 2012 Red Line Club Rewards release.

What are your thoughts of the Hot Wheels #’52 Hudson Hornet? Which one is your favorite? Do you have any of these in your collection? I’m curious to know…

Below is a list of all seven releases of the Hot Wheels ’52 Hudson Hornet:

YEAR Line/Series Color
2012 Hot Wheels Boulevard Metalflake Light Blue w/ Off-White Roof
2012 Hot Wheels Boulevard Set Matte Blue w/ White Roof
2012 RLC Rewards Spectraflame Olive w/ Cream Roof
2014 Cool Classics Spectrafrost Anti-Freeze
2016 Mainline / HW Flames Red
2016 Mainline / HW Flames Spectraflame Dark Red
2019 Multipack Exclusive Black

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  1. Wow! Has it really been three years already since the last ones? I still need to pick up the super, and keep an eye out for the multi pack one- interesting that it sports the same tampo deco as the super. That boulevard release is beautiful!

  2. I LUVVV the hudson !! I need that box set exclusive which demands a pretty penny on secondary market thing is like a $70-80 car !! I have the supe loose and on card and the supe mainline, still gotta find the multi pack black excl and the others…. Def a easier casting to collect and finish

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