Collection Update

Collection Update: ’69 & ’70 Dodge Charger Collections

For Christmas, my wife bought me a Carney Display Case. For those that don’t know, in our 10+ year relationship, she has never bought me anything diecast-related so this is clearly a momentous occasion in our relationship. 😉 With that said, I have always been quite fond of the divided-shelf, acrylic cases as they allow you to show a large grouping of vehicles in one shot.

The display was relatively easy to put up as I was able to do it by myself. However, the hard part came in deciding what to put in it…

After a period of deliberation — and some Hot Wheels liberation (from their packages) — I settled on showcasing my Dodge #Charger collection. I have 50 unique #Variations of the #’69 Dodge Charger, along with another 10 of the very similar #’69 Dodge Charger 500. NOTE: I have not broke down and paid for a “flamed FTE ’69 Charger” yet which can go for a considerable amount of money. Also in the case are 15 unique variations of the #’70 Dodge Charger R/T, the Ghost Rider Charger (and a custom “Flame-Off” version I made), and the #Large and in Charger — oh, and I also threw in a new favorite of mine, the #Unlicensed Hot Wheels #Muscle Bound casting.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Dodge Charger collection that includes the ’69 Dodge Charger, ’69 Dodge Charger 500, ’70 Dodge Charger R/T and Large and in Charger castings (photo from December 2018)

This should be every release of the castings shown — sans any crazy #Variations — and is only a small sampling of the Dodge #Chargers that Hot Wheels makes. Ultimately, I’d love to get some vintage Custom Charger redlines, but acquiring those would be extremely pricey. So, that is on the back-burner for now. NOTE: Getting ONE in good shape will most likely cost you over $100.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments below, and I will try to answer them as they come in. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Collection looks amweaosme Brad. I’m in the same dellema. Lol. Have the display that came out this year but I dont know what to put in it. I’m not a blister cracker. Sometime I wonder if I collect the hot wheels or blisters. Lol. Collection looks amazing. 👌🏼👍🏼

    • Thank you, Mendoza! You should collect one casting only loose. Then put that casting collection on display. It may change your way of collecting cardboard! 😉

  2. So your assumption or educated guess is the new speed blur series , muscle bound is based off a older charger? I guess it fits nicely with the other chargers, at first i seen a import car from the 70s, but now next to all that muscle it looks eerily similar to the charger !

    • Hehe… I kind of just snuck that one in there. I think the Muscle Bound is based off all kinds of muscle cars, as I see a little bit of everything in there. It’s inclusion was more of me having it on my desk loose with no home… and I used it to fill space. But I have to admit, I do see some Charger in it now!

  3. Very nice gift and amazing collection! Thanks for sharing. I love the Charger 500 casting, especially some of the recent variations. Hoping to make the SpeedKore casting and Muscle Bound my last additions of 2018.

  4. Check your local target store, I was happily suprised to find 2 freshly stocked D cases hanging on the pegs at my local store here in the midwest on Saturday Dec 29th, at like 1030 am !! NO supers but a ton of sweet castings i needed so i went to another target store and yet again a fresh D case hanging from pegs but only 1 case, and low and behold the STH volkswagen t2 pickup hanging right on the front peg!!! My first super for 2019 cases found , and its a sweet one ! Also it was like 11 am so i have no clue how it was still on the pegs with how busy this store was since its a super target and being the weekened ! This is my fave way to find a super, wither peg hanging or in a dump bin, the pallet raiding shit is not for me and soooooo lame, especially a majority of youtubers and social media hounds who post going to every store within a 2 state area just for a toy car and sneaking around with cases of toy cars like its a case of $$ lol… sorry for the small rant

  5. Hey Brad, gotta know, but the 2nd column from left.. 3rd one down (under orange TH) in a sliver steel blue & black wheels… can you tell me what this is from or if it’s a custom please?
    Also, would the Redline Club Series 7 Custom ‘69 Dodge Charger count as a crazy variation?.. , hence why it’s not in your display case.
    Thank you sir!

    • Steel Blue one is one of 6 Classics color ways, not a custom… no customs in this case. Also, I do have the HWC Real Riders Custom ‘69 Dodge Charger but didn’t include it. That one is actually a retool of the redline era Custom Charger, and is the only one of that casting that I have.

  6. What’s the champagne/gold Charger on the very bottom left? I’ve never seen it before and I think I might just need to add it to my collection!

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