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Hot Wheels casting designed by Dave Weise & Phil Riehlman. Currently in production, since 2004.

Orange Track Diecast

Take a stroll through my ’69 & ’70 Dodge Charger Collection!

Its a collection thats 15 years in the making as I walk you through my (mostly) complete casting collection of the #’69 Dodge Charger, #’69 Dodge Charger 500, #’70 Dodge Charger R/T, Ghost Rider Charger, Custom Charger and #Large and in Charger Hot Wheels. Its probably the longest […]

Orange Track Diecast


Last year at this time, we were greeted with the first couple assortments of #2016 Hot Wheels in the basic line. Among those, was the #’69 Dodge Charger as part of the #HW Flames Series — the 10 vehicles in this series were voted on by collectors via a […]

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2004 First Editions: ’69 DODGE CHARGER

If you’re a fan of #First Edition Hot Wheels castings, the #2004 First Editions were great because the series featured 100 brand-new castings — well, 101 if you count the mail-in Volkswagen Drag Truck. Even if you weren’t a fan of the ‘Tooned, Blings, Hardnoze, Fatbax and Crooze castings, […]

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2006 Treasure Hunts: ’69 Dodge Charger

The Confederate/Rebel Flag was the center of a controversy in the United States last week. At Diecast Motorsports, the only interest we have in this controversy is its impact on the diecast world. We have seen cars that have not sold in years, pick up and start selling like hot […]